Zebes? Me? Go to it? No! I will never venture that far into...death...and THEY are there, too!
Uliae, Metroid Prime 4

Uliae is a character in Metroid Prime 4. She is the Secretary of Affairs for the Galactic Federation. Uliae's full name is rumored to be Uliae Zebeth, indicating some sort of relation to Hakro Zebeth, the missing discoverer of Zebes. She is a human, and was born on a planet of which she makes the name unknown, but it is known that Hakro was born there too. Her job means that she travels all over the galaxy to meet with the other life-forms in the galaxy, however, she is dead set against avoiding Zebes at all cost because of its dark history. She is still searching for Hakro Zebeth and will not stop until she discovers what happened to him. She is about 25 years old, and has no family, although it is rumored that she is part of the Zebeth family somehow. It is known that when she was young, she actually met the Space Pirates, along with Hakro, which resulted in a deep hatred for them.

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