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Look here, uh... whatever you are! I'm maybe just a normal boy, but I have what it takes to protect everybody!
Ujori Kasami, When fighting Jailbird in The Strange Life of a Schoolboy

Ujori Kasami
Ujori as he look in the TSLOASB games, and other games.
Current Age 14 in The Strange Life of a Schoolboy

15 in The Strange Life of a Schoolboy: The Second Chapter

Gender Male
Species Human
Location Tokyo, Japan
Current Status Alive
Family and Relations
Princess Jeila ((implied) love interest), Daze (friend), Tekken (friend), Kyo Nashima (friend), Miku Kasami (sister)

Anime and Manga

Main Weapon(s) Light Sword, Laser Gun
First Appearance The Strange Life of a Schoolboy
Series The Strange Life of a Schoolboy

Ujori Kasami (ウジョーリ カサミ) is the human teenager from the high school, MaiKai High, and the main protagonist of The Strange Life of a Schoolboy. He is brave and smart, yet shy and silly and he's obsessed with Aliens, Espers, UFOs, and etc. He holds a green ring that he can uses thunder-based attacks, and uses his trusty light sword and laser gun to fight. 


Princess Jeila

Jeila is one of Ujori's friends, and the young princess of Ejoroka, who is falling in love with him for rescuing her and have the courage to save her people. Ujori treated her kindly and tries to keep her safety. It's implied that they're being a couple.


Daze is one of Ujori's friends. Not much about their relationship, but Daze might did bother Ujori muchly and did eventually become friends.

Miku Kasami

Miku is Ujori's little sister. Ujori is very protective with Miku, and she is kind to him, Jeila, and Daze. And... Miku likes Daze a bit too much.

Kyo Nashima

Kyo is one of Ujori's friends in high school from Earth, and apparently got the same destiny as he did. Ujori cares for him and his success, and treated him like a brother.

Game Appearances

The Strange Life of a Schoolboy (His First Adventure)

He is the main hero of the game and it was his first debut. He discovered a strange UFO landed at the outside field of the school, there's a dying green alien in there. The alien talk him about Ejoroka, Ego, and etc. before he died. He got the green ring and go off to save Ejoroka and the universe.

He have met a bunch of friends and enemies during around his quest to save the universe. He've also found and rescue his little sister Miku, who was happen to be kidnapped by Migi, one of Ego's henchmen. He also met one of his friends Kyo Nashima, who fighting against one of Ego's minions as well.

The Strange Life of a Schoolboy: The Second Chapter (The Second Impact)

He returns as the main hero again, and meets with his new friends and foes.



  • Ujori's Obsession of stuffs like Aliens, Espers, and anything supernatural make him based on Haruhi Suzumiya, as mentioned on one of the comments on his character page.
  • The backstory of how Ujori got his green-colored ring is almost a reference to Green Lantern(Hal Jordon)'s backstory, which Hal Jordon got the power ring from the dying member of The Green Lantern Corps.

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