Uil Rapier
... yeah, one dickhead trolled me and made me download a virus with his mad manipulation skills
Full Name UilIcon Uil Rapier SpaceSymbol
Current Age 13
Date of Birth 30th July, 1998
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Bladekind
First Appearance Fantenstuck

UIL is a GAMER, and sometimes an ARTIST too. Mostly as a HOBBY, he likes drawing pictures of his own, ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, and like his friends, burnerDash and flowSeeker, he really likes FANON INDUSTRIES. He aspires to become one of their EMPLOYEES when he grows up.

He hates MY LITTLE PONY, and some of the GUYS that TROLL him, too. Specially, strangeAnnoyer. He is such a DICKHEAD. He likes drawing pictures of HIM being killed by a BLOODY HAMMER.

He loves playing video games such as POKÉMON and FIRE EMBLEM. His favourite POKÉMON generation would probably be the FIFTH ONE.

He is one of the MAIN PROTAGONISTS of FANTENSTUCK. His title is the Knight of Space, his STRIFE SPECIBUS is BLADEKIND, his associated element is FIRE, and his associated object is a MOTOR. His FETCH MODUS is called WISH.