Uil EP
Uil EP
Album cover of the Uil EP
Musician/Band Cobweb
Genre(s) electronic music, video game music, remixes
Release Date(s)
June 18th 2010
Previous Album Yukimazan EP
Next Album Tucker EP (upcoming)

Uil EP is an EP released by Cobweb (tbc) on June 18th, 2010. It, like its predecessor Yukimazan EP, consists entirely of remixes of a video game song. In this case, the song is "Cavi Cape". It, like Yukimazan EP, is titled the way it is because "Cape Cavi" was requested as one of Cobweb's remixes by a user with a similar name.

Track Listing

  1. Cavi Cape & Cardboard Cows
  2. Cavi Cape (Metal Mix)
  3. Cavi Cape Bass Camp (Cowbeb Re-Fixed and Re-Built)


The remixes can be listened to here.