Main Color: White
Full Name Uil
Current Age 1 Day+
Date of Birth 1 day before Mario & Luigi: Amari & Guila
Zodiac Sign N/A
Gender Male
Location Nowhere
Current Status EVIL
Class Major Villain


Main Weapon(s) Darkness
Ability/ies Luigi's Abilities with added Darkness
Vulnerable To N/A
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Amari & Guila
Latest Appearance The Fantendo Pit
Not to be confused with Uil Team.
Uil is the evil version of Luigi, sporting a gray shirt & hat, with black overalls. He is the 'brother' of Ram, and is pure evil. He was manifested, along with Ram, when Fawful exploded at the end of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. The darkness released by the explosion latched onto the nearest lifeforms, Mario and Luigi, and copied their form, much like the Dark Star did with Bowser.