Uchronie is a first-person role-playing shooter developed by Twenty-Second Choice, inspired by the Fallout, System Shock and BioShock series. It may be created as a mod for Half-Life 2.


Vacuum Uchronie

The red represents the vacuum field

For more information, see Rootverse

The game takes place in 2123, in an alternate history where sometime during the American Revolutionary War, an alien device was uncovered on the continent which, when activated, created a large vacuum field over the continent.

Various changes in history were caused due to this, including:

  • The French Revolution never occured; the French never had any inspiration from the American revolution to start their own, and they continued to be a monarchy.
  • Various inventions were never invented.
  • Various people of American or British descent were never born (those whose ancestors died when the field was activated)

The game takes place on the same version of Earth as Bio Sphere.


The main character, a British soldier going by the name of Q, is part of a squad sent to investigate the loss of contact with Colombia and Venezuela. The game's intro involves Q explaining to the player the events of the American Revolutionary War, and the repercussions. Upon arriving by plane, the squad parachute down and find a ruined and deserted village. While exploring, the squad is ambushed by grotesque octopus-like aliens, who kidnap Q and another soldier.



  • Gene Hacker: Aliens who are given the task of modifying genes.
  • Scavenger: Smaller but faster aliens who scavenge for any resources (generally corpses or plants)
  • Screamer: Humans who were turned into a gelatinous substance by the aliens.








  • The game is named after what alternate history novels are called in French and German (the word itself being based on u and chronos, it's literal meaning being "non-time")
  • The game has many references to other sci-fi series, such as Q, Biggs, Wedge, and Hammer, all being named after Sci-Fi chars.
  • The game also has numerous double references, for example, a random NPC soldier is named Heavy, a reference to both Star Wars and Team Fortress 2. Biggs and Wedge are also examples of this.
  • The year the game takes place in, 2123, is 2101, the year that the game Zero Wing takes place in, plus 22 (which is JesseRoo's favourite number).



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