All the tracks on the EP Uberman by Hemusic (Talk)

Dirty Harry Remixes

Electro Man

Although the Beat is the same for Electro Man, it's highly techno, also the vocals seem to be removed.

Distortion Harry

Distortion Harry is the same as Dirty Harry, but with distortions so some part are soft, loud, or are different in random places, also a Wahwah, and some bassboosting and pitch changing does happen

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) Remixes

Sweet Dreams (Demon vs. Chipmunk Remix)

This Remix features two voices, the Deeper Demon voice, and the Higher Chipmunk voice, and the instruments are high and low also. Together they harmonize to make the Demon vs. Chimpunk Remix

Sweet Dreams (Chipmunk Remix)

This is only the Higher pitched Chipmunk voice.

Sweet Dreams (Demon Remix)

The Flipside of the Chipmunk verision, Demon voice only


Neurythmia is a Remix of the original Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These), Neurythmia is a hidden track, so it's only found

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