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Usurper is an upcoming 3D Beat-em-up umbrella game that fits into the Eterniverse as an "alternate future" scenario. 



The story takes place as an alternate future for the second Eternal Brawl game. After the defeat of the Eggman Empire, the Eternal Brawlers decide that they need to put a stop to all the threats that have tried to take control of their universe. Thus, a sort of government is formed, with the more powerful characters such as Rosalina, Thor, Palutena, and Raiden as the heads of the government, and the less powerful ones/lesser known ones (most of the playable characters are comprised of these) such as Luigi, Alpha, Kirby, and Vanellope as the soldiers. However, an unkown force is trying to break apart the government, and the heroes need to find out what this mysterious dark force is and destroy it. 


The gameplay is similar to games like Fantendo Chronicles, as it's an Action/Beat-Em-Up game, and up to two characters can play at a time. It plays like a LEGO game, as it's an open world game where you can interact with the environment. Also like a LEGO game, you can switch between any character that has been unlocked so far, (but while playing multiplayer, two players can't be the same character.) Each character has a Special Move that can be activated when a meter is filled. You fill this meter by defeating more enemies. Each character also has a distinct advantage and disadvantage, similarly to Rekrokan. When playing with two people, some characters work better with one specific character then the rest, and these are called "partnerships." 

Playable Characters

Image Name Description Advantage  Disadvantage  Special Move
SSB4 Little Mac

Little Mac SSB Punch-Out Series

Little Mac is the newest soldier for the Order, and the main protagonist of the game. He was chosen to be a soldier when Rosalina noticed his skills as a boxer. Is a pretty quick and strong fighter. Can't use ranged attacks.  K.O Punch
Luigi SSB4

Luigi 100px-SSB Mario Series

For a while, Luigi has been taking a back seat in Mario's adventures. Now he and the rest of the soldiers need to fight this new threat!  Is the highest jumping character. Is weak against ghost-type characters.  Negative Zone 
Unten FJR

Unten SSB Fantendo Series

A veteran of the Eternal Brawlers, Unten is ready to stop this new threat! Can use Elemental Attacks.  Some of his more powerful attacks need to go on cooldown after use.  Beorn Blitz
ZeritaNvF3D Zerita

SSB Fantendo Series

One of Unten's closest allies, she was brought into the Order Militia due to Unten's request.  Is quite nimble and can climb walls.  It takes more time to fill up her power meter then the others.   Catonea Claw 
E-123 Omega

E-123 Omega Smashbros Sonic series

A robot who was reactivated by the Order, he is the must reckless out of the group.  Is strong and has great weaponry. Can become an easy target and is slow.  Ultimate Anihilator 

Ruby Rose RWBYsymbol

A student at Beacon Academy, Ruby wields her massive scythe which doubles as a sniper rifle.  Is very fast.  She is vulnerable while changing her weapon.  Mega Slash
SSB5 Zelda

Zelda SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

The princess of Hyrule and the spellcaster of the team,  she is the reincarnation of the Zelda from the Eternal Brawl games, as she is in her Twilight Princess form. Can cast magic spells. Doesn't have many physical attacks. Light Arrow
Tails Sonic Boom

Tails Smashbros Sonic series

The tech of the group, Tails uses machines to attack, and is a vital member of the Order Militia. Can fly and use weapons.  He is more helpful supporting other players, as he isn't that strong on his own.  Tornado Rush

Green Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Tommy Oliver was one of the original 6 Power Rangers and can't seem to decide which color Power Ranger he is. He joins the Eternal Brawlers in his Green Ranger suit.  Can use his dragon dagger as a melee weapon. If he takes too much damage, he powers down.  Dragonzord Power, Now! 
Sonic z classic sonic

Classic Sonic Smashbros Sonic series

The younger counterpart of the Blue Blur, Classic Sonic is a slightly newer recruit who is the fastest character in the game.  Can use shields and is the fastest character in the game.  He needs rings to survive. If he loses all his rings, it's an instant kill. Super Sonic

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