UNT3N in Tragedy.
Full Name UNT3N
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Gender Androgynous
Species Robot
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Liquid metal technology (Tragedy 2015)

Interchangeable hands (alternate canon)

Ability/ies Able to morph his hands, firing lightning (Tragedy 2015)

Lazer eyes, interchangeable hands, removable limbs. (alternate canon)

Vulnerable To Fanti or other rogue AI (Tragedy 2015)
Height  ???
Weight  ???
Voice Actor(s)
John St. John (before Fanti)

Alex Hirsch (mix of Fanti's voice with his)

First Appearance Tragedy (2015)
Latest Appearance Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered
UNT3N is a robotic copy of Unten made by Doomulus Grime, based off the technology of UN10 (who appeared in Fissure (2014) and a new technology that allows for metal shifting. He comes close to killing Unten but is stopped by Fanti, who takes over his body and plummets off a cliff. He is seen in space, still fighting with Fanti inside of his mind.

Game Appearances

Tragedy (2015)

Confirmed to appear during the creation of a list of important Fantendo characters. When confused for UN10, a character that appeared in Fissure (2014), Exotoro corrected and confirmed that he would be part of the plot.

In Tragedy (2015), UNT3N is one of the three main antagonists and one of the closest to kill Unten. He is a robot created by Doomulus Grime with use of some of UN10's tech and some new metal shifting technology, allowing him to turn his body in a living weapon. While corned on a ledge of a cliff, UNT3n prepares to kill Unten and Fanti, but Fanti reveals his AI origins and takes over UNT3N's body, plunging it into the abyss below. After Zeon explodes, UNT3N's mangled body seen in space, fighting off the other AI in his body.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered

On the Fracture Point map page, it confirms Fantendo Neobomb as a location where UNT3N took over, implying that he may be in the game.


Tragedy (2015) and the New Fantendoverse

UNT3N is a unfeeling robot, dedicated to his mission of killing Unten, which he comes rather close to. He is frustrated when he does not succeed and is a very tough opponent, almost outmatching Unten.

During Xerra: The Last Beorn Volume 2, he is revealed to still be alive even after thousands of years. When he sees Xerra, he attempts to kill her but Fanti doesn't allow him to, suggesting he may he want to kill Beorns in general after failing to kill Unten.