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Undertale Movie Final Poster
Director Colin Junior Pendergast
Producer(s) Colin Junior Pendergast
Toby Fox
Studio(s) Columbia Pictures
Legendary Pictures
Colin Entertainment Ltd.
Writer(s) Toby Fox
Temmie Chang
Based on Undertale by Toby Fox
Distributor(s) Sony Pictures Entertainment
Music John Powell
Hans Zimmer
Country of Origin America
Mason Cook
Colin Junior Pendergast
Kath Soucie
Dan Aykroyd
Alan Oppenheimer
Ashleigh Ball
Tara Strong
Tom Kenny
Robby Benson
CJ Adams
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Budget $262 million
Runtime 114 minutes

UNDERTALE (also known as Under Tale or Undertale in other nations) is an upcoming 2019 American-Australian computer-animated comedy drama fantasy-adventure film directed by Colin Junior Pendergast, truly based on the popular 2015 role-playing video game of the same name by Toby Fox. The film details of a young human is fell in the hole of Mount Ebott where he had meet some new monsters and must defend himself with his only one thing "Determination". UNDERTALE is starring Mason Cook with Kath Soucie, Dan Aykroyd, Alan Oppenheimer and feature Colin Junior Pendergast.

UNDERTALE has been produced by Columbia Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Colin Entertainment Ltd. (the same company who created Sonic The Hedgehog reboot video game), and distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment.


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A few years ago, there was a universe where two races known as humans and monsters were living in harmony, until it happen when both races broke together and start the civil war against each other. After a 2-year battle, the humans won and sealed all monsters in the mountain known as Mount Ebott. Later in 2711 A.D., a young human named Frisk enters the mountain, but he accidentally fell down into the hole and landed on the golden flowers. So he had to find a way to escape this mountain, right until he met a talking flower named Flowey who can help Frisk get out with his soul to defend himself. Until then, Flowey tricked him to kill him off, until then, a fireball threw the flower out of the way and the one who saved Frisk is the caretaker of the ruins. Her name is Toriel. She's the one that can take care of Frisk throughout the ruins as she train Frisk about compassion and mercy by telling him the story of Jonah and the Whale. She showed Frisk how to fight at the dummy, in which he succeeded, so Toriel tell Frisk that he can walk by himself. Meanwhile, Frisk met a ghost name Napstablook who was blocking his path, then Frisk got it to Toriel's home until he had realized that he must have found a hole to escape the mountain. So he went back and tell Toriel of how to find the exit from the ruins, but Toriel is going to destroy the exit of the ruins and she won't stop until Frisk had determination of briging back peace and harmony, so he must tell her that he will never hurt her, so Toriel understood that she can let him go, but not return to that place. So she waved goodbye, hugged him, and walked away until she was gone. Meanwhile, Frisk is walking to the exit from the ruins, until he encountered Flowey again who told him that Frisk can do by his own rules where in this world is "kill or be killed" and Flowey will become a god in the future so he left the mountain.

Frisk entered a new location called Snowdin. While Frisk was walking, he was followed by someone, which turns out to be a lazy talking skeleton name Sans. He can help him out with his older brother Papyrus to have fun where Papyrus was finding humans in the underground to become as the Royal Guard. Later, Frisk meet Papyrus for the first time where Papyrus is fighting and looking for humans to capture. Until then, Papyrus gave up to capture him where Frisk gave him compassion and mercy, and the humans will become Papyrus's friends, which made Papyrus happy and he will help him out. Meanwhile at the waterfall, a royal guard is tracking down Frisk which got a good friend name Monster Kid who can help him throughout the waterfall cavern. When they split up, Frisk fell down in the garbage dump. He later got attacked by Mad Dummy until the evil dummy is gone and Frisk was save by Napstablook. Meanwhile Frisk is cornered by Undyne where she is going to kill him when Monster Kid is protecting the human to make Frisk run away from her until Frisk was spotted by Undyne who was ready to kill him for a chase.

Undyne starts chasing Frisk and Monster Kid around Mount Ebott until Undyne fell down in Hotlands because she was almost dying from thirst, so Frisk give her some water and ran away before she would see him again. Frisk had found a building where a doctor is living there. That doctor was named Dr. Alphys. She was originally going to stop this human, but she saw that all of his actions were mindful, kind, and friendly, so she give Frisk a phone for help at the puzzles, but she had a big problem about a robot name Mettaton who became the host in entertainment, but he's also very murderously, and when he saw a human, he would kill it. It's too late for Frisk and Dr. Alphys as Mettaton breaks in, fighting the human in a questions game. Later Frisk got the answers correct and passed the game, so Mettaton will return because it was a pilot episode that he will fight Frisk for "More Drama, More Action and More Bloodshed". Alphys tell Frisk to be more careful as there are lots of traps around in the Hotlands. Meanwhile, Frisk is been seen the room filled with spiderwebs which he was been encountered by Muffet then she was been spared the human life, meanwhile he had found a hotel where Mettaton lives until he meet Sans where their can have a talk of Frisk leaving the underground and even about Sans past where he found the biggest door that he can test of his knock knock jokes until he heard a female voice in the other side from the door Frisk thinking it was Toriel, after Sans and Toriel having fun for jokes until later Toriel is feeling upset and said was "If the human past this door, please please take care of them" so Sans promise to her which he can take care of Frisk. After Sans say goodbye so Frisk is enter the CORE where it had filled with many monster, when finally got to meet Mettaton for a big battle and aired on television for the biggest finale when Alphys calls Frisk that Mettaton had a switch in his back which she thinks that Mettaton will be switched off, but it didn't turn the robot off but it transform Mettaton to Mettaton EX, so Frisk got an idea that he had to entertain the viewers to get the most views ever, until Mettaton EX's arms and legs fell, but he's not hurt, then it work, and Mettaton EX is happy that he can get a few collars, but his face is turned down that it was his finale ever so Mettaton happily said thanks and tells him that he can let Frisk to the King of Monsters before he was completely turned off. Then, Alphys is here and she was glad that Mettaton is changed, as they got to the elevator, she tell Frisk that she was sad because the only way to escape the mountain is to kill the king and she left and say goodbye to Frisk, and walked away before she was gone.

When Frisk is exit out the elevator where he had notice that the house was look alike Toriel's home but in grey so he take a look around the house when he found a Worn Dagger and a locket where it had a letter said "Best Friends Forever" and a photo but it was very rusty until he was meet the other monsters he had encountered and spared which the monster tell Frisk about what happend about few years ago. The first young human name Chara have been fell in the underground feeling injured when she was been saved of Asriel Dreemurr the child of Toriel and the King of Monsters Asgore where Chara is adoptive feeling happy, but it happen when Chara is feeling ill and almost dying so she ask Asriel to take her to the human village land on the golden flowers when she was gone Chara give her soul to Asriel then he become as very powerful so he can take Chara back to the village. Turns out for the worst when the humans spotted Asriel that they thought he killed Chara so Asriel must ran away from them but he was been shot very injured when he got back to his home he was gone and turned into dust when his parents shocked of their two children gone in one day, then Asgore is angered and he began the war of humans and monsters until the human is won by sealed all monster in the underground with a powerful spell, before when Frisk is going to the next room the monsters tell him if Asgore got all the seven souls it will destory the barrier and destory humanity. So Frisk say thanks for the backstory of the history until he was enter Hallway of Judgement where Sans is here so he was began to judged of Frisk actions of EXP which the acronym known as "execution points" and even LOVE is known as "Level of Violence" if Frisk had kill a monster or not, then Sans find him not guilty where he never gain any LOVE and never hurt many monsters which Frisk is have "Determination" that he was doing the right thing so Sans let him pass to fight againest Asgore.

Then Frisk meet the King of Monsters Asgore Dreemurr where he was watering the golden flowers until he turn around and see a human right fount at him, so Asgore can tell Frisk know what to do where he show Frisk the barrier where it look like very longest path so Asgore is ready to accepted for the battle until then Asgore destory Frisk's Mercy that he cannot Spare him which Frisk had to do was hurt him. After the battle Asgore tells Frisk before when he was died, he was started the war of humans and monster where his only two children is gone when his wife Toriel is disgusted of Asgore's action so she lefted and never returned so he tell Frisk that he can kill Asgore and left the mountain, but Frisk cannot hurt him because he can spare his life then Asgore is feeling happy that he won't hurt the human where he can take care of Frisk with his wife like a family until... the pellets is killed of Asgore the one who did this was Flowey the Flower that he got the six human souls then he was became to transformed a biggest monster is known as Omega Flowey (Photoshop Flowey) where he will take over the world as god so Frisk must fight against Flowey to get pass though the deadly vine and even his tricks is change time, Frisk is calling out the six human souls to help him out to defeat this flower until Flowey trapped Frisk filled with many pellets to kill him off until the pellets cure Frisk then all the six souls is defeating Omega Flowey and turn back to a regular flower. Frisk can spare Flowey's life but Flowey is refused for it until about eight times Flowey is upset and ran away, so Frisk seen the exit of the barrier until he got the phone call from Sans and Papyrus where the king is gone when it began the new queen of the underground was Toriel that she changed the rules that the humans cannot become as enemys but as friends so their say goodbye to Frisk when their hangup.

Then Flowey returned to ask Frisk where he never going to see them again, so Flowey can give Frisk a chance to go back in time before he meet Asgore which Frisk had to become good friends with Papyrus, Undyne and even Dr. Alphys where it can make as a "happy ending" so Frisk accepted and he was in the Hallway of Judgement so Frisk know must to do. He went to Snowdin where Papyrus and Sans lives so Frisk can be as Papyrus friend then he agreed for it which he can tell Frisk was going to the waterfall where his other friend is lives there which it was Undyne so Papyrus lefted making Frisk talk to Undyne, she give him a tea and even tell about her backstory where she was a tough kid that she was dreamed to become as the Royal Guard that Undyne was trained by Asgore then few years she got pass and join as the Royal Guard where she was training Papyrus for it. She say thanks to Frisk for saving her life in Hotlands until she had notice that Undyne need to gift this letter to Alphys. Meanwhile Frisk slide the letter under of Alphy's door where she didn't known who wrote it that it was a date so she is accepted for this at the garbage dump until she had notice that Undyne is looking for Alphys so she had to hide before Undyne is gone, then Alphys told to Frisk that she always lied all the time like history books were comic books and videos are anime so she didn't how to fix it so Frisk can let Alphys tell Undyne the truth until then Undyne is arrived so then Alphys is began to tell the truth from before so Undyne is not angry but happy for her honest and they lefted from the garbage dump. Until Frisk got the call from the unknown where it was happen on Alphys laboratory, when he got in the lab but he cannot get out because the power is out so he had to find the power to turned back on again until he was encounted the Amalgamates is very hostle which Frisk must to do was spare and mercy them to understand so they were been changed from hostle to harmless that their were taking Frisk to the power room to turn back on when Alphys is here about the Amalgamates where their were the test subjects to cure them but their were been tranformed into like this so Alphys can let all the Amalgamates to their family and say thanks for helping her, when Frisk got to the elevator he heard a voice that he was going back to Asgore that it was the "happy ending".

Frisk got to Asgore where he was waiting for him for a battle, before he destory the Mercy command he was notice a fireball appear and knock him out which it was Toriel appears where she was been woried about Frisk that he was going to get killed by the king so she will give Asgore a mercy, then Asgore finally meet his wife but Toriel is rejected him for his actions in few years ago. Later Sans, Papyrus, Undyne and Alphys meet the human that their is no fighting which their can be as a family, until when Alphys notice of how Papyrus to call everybody in the underground which Papyrus said was the tiny flower helped him when... Asgore, Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne and Alphys is trapped in the giant vine of Flowey that he got the human souls and even worse he will going to take Frisk's friends souls too that he will turn back to his true form before he will going to do this, Flowey is began to hurt Frisk until Toriel and the others including all the monsters to make Frisk brave, saved and he was the future of humans and monsters. Flowey is been shocked of it until he had realized that he got all the souls but not Frisk then Flowey was been turned into a young anthro male goat that it was Asriel Dreemurr that he remember Chara (looking at Frisk of the name) and he was transformed into a god-like where he can control time and erase everyone memories but Frisk cannot let it happen so Frisk is dodge of his dangerous attacks until Asriel become more powerful causing to Frisk never moved, Frisk cannot reset it until he realized that he will saved his friend of their memories. After when Frisk done of his friends there is one more that it was Asriel Dreemurr, then it was been flashbacks of Chara meet Asriel for the first time when she fell in the underground, Frisk must use the power of save to Asriel from ten times then Asriel turns back to his young form and he was apologize for his acts so Asriel will released his friends, letting the souls go and destory the barrier where the human sealed them few years. Asriel say goodbye to Frisk that he cannot live his normal form that he was going to turn back into a flower until Frisk give Asriel a hug then he was gone.

Later, Frisk is woke up where Toriel, Asgore, Sans, Papyrus, Alphys and Undyne is been notice that the barrier is gone where all the monster were freed as their were going having a look of the sunset, while the others are gone Toriel asked Frisk that what he would do which Frisk had been thought that he can stay with Toriel, causing her feeling happy that he would tell her early where she meet him for the first time so Toriel and Frisk was going to the other while the sunset is done and then it roll the credits.




Frank Welker, TBA, TBA, TBA, TBA and TBA as the other monsters.



In 2016 the owner of Colin Entertainment Ltd. Colin Junior Pendergast is about to planning from creating the first feature length computer-animated film based on the video game which he stated "When i check many video game movie adapations like Super Mario Bros. and of coarse Alone in the Dark, those film never give the original source material which my only film will focus on the games itself", Colin had give the rights to Undertale which Toby Fox had accepted for the rights where he will can to help Colin out to create the movie because Colin Junior had play the game and complete it.

Few days later it was been tweeted that Colin is joined the rights of Sony, Columbia and Legendary Pictures to create the animation and the visual effects, the title of the movie is confirmed as UNDERTALE.


Colin Pendergast had been though about Papyrus voice which he was going to feature Alan Oppenheimer in Skeletor voice so he accepted for his role as Papyrus.

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Visual Effects

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Post Production

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Home media

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Drawn animated short

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DVD or Blu-Ray Main Menu

Here's is the sections from the DVD and Blu-Ray main menus.

  • Play Movie
  • Scene Selection
    1. Once Upon A Time
    2. Flowey
    3. The Ruins
    4. Heartache
    5. Sans and Papyrus
    6. Snowden
    7. Bonetrousle
    8. The Waterfall
    9. Monster Kid
    10. Mad Dummy!
    11. Waterfalls Caven
    12. Spear of Justice
    13. Metal Crusher
    14. Hotlands
    15. Spider Dance
    16. MTT Hotel
    17. CORE
    18. Death by Glamour
    19. Long Time Ago (known as Undertale)
    20. Hallway of Judgement
    21. Bergentrückung
    23. Reset
    24. Papyrus Date
    25. Undyne Date
    26. Alphys Date
    27. True Lab
    28. Amalgamates
    29. Hopes and Dreams
    30. SAVE the World
    31. Finale
    32. Bring It In, Guys! and Last Goodbye
  • Set Up
    • Language
      • English
      • Spanish
      • French
      • Portuguese
      • Hungarian
      • Danish
      • Norwegian
      • Swedish
      • Italian
      • Polish
      • Japanese
      • German
      • Korean
      • Greek
      • Thai
    • Subtitles
      • English
      • Spanish
      • French
      • Portuguese
      • Hungarian
      • Danish
      • Norwegian
      • Swedish
      • Italian
      • Polish
      • Japanese
      • German
      • Korean
      • Greek
      • Thai
    • Commentaries with Colin Pendergast, Toby Fox and Temmie Chang (with or without subtitles)
  • Special Features
    • History of Undertale
    • The Making of UNDERTALE
      • Development
      • Casting
      • Animation
      • Story
    • Artwork design
    • Comparison scenes
      • Theatrical release
      • Home release
    • Trailers
      • Teaser trailer
        • 1 (Papyrus and Sans)
        • 2 (Flowey)
        • 3 (Toriel)
      • Theatrical
        • 1
        • 2
        • 3
    • Bloopers and deleted scenes


Box office

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Critical response

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Opening and Closing Credits

Offical Soundtrack



UNDERTALE is going to be rated PG for fantasy themes and some scenes that may scare young children by the Motion Picture Association of America.


  • In the closing credits, it shows of an actors or actress along with the UnderTale characters in sprite forms.
  • There are two versions of the movie where it was use from both Theatrical and Home releases.
    • When Flowey got the souls after killing off Asgore there are two changes: In the theatrical release the movie tape is been jammed and it reset the opening credits until when it get to Colin Entertainment Ltd. it began to mess the video then Frisk is on the darkness room where Photoshop Flowey is appear. The another on the Home release (DVD and Blu-Ray): The movie is been shown of a DVD or Blu-Ray error screen when it reset the opening credits until it was become very glitchy and then Frisk is in the darkness room.
  • While that Colin Pendergast is the director, he also use to portray as Flowey the Flower.
  • It was the first Colin Entertainment Ltd. feature length film.
  • It only use two stories of Neutral and True Pacifist route which the Genocide is not been shown in theatrical due to the MPAA said it was to very violence, later Colin will create the Genocide route in the home release.

Easter eggs

  • In many posters, it feature of the sprite version of Annoying Dog in the games, and the Annoying Dog will be appear as a cameo in the movie.

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