U.F.O: Ultimate Fighter's Oblivion
Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries, NightVision Entertainment, TBA by the other 4 companies
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft
Platform(s) Wii U, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Ultimate Fighter's XXX
Successor Ultimate Fighter's Melee
 "U.F.O: Ultimate Fighter's Oblivion" or "Arutimettofaita no oburibion" in Japan, is an umbrella-fighting game made by 6 different companies for three different companies. On an unknown release date, it will be fully released on Nintendo's Wii U, Microsoft's Xbox One, and Sony's Playstation 4. The game will feature an all out Story Mode, and 100 characters from different series. The game is comfirmed to have a sequel called "Ultimate Fighter's Melee", with 200 characters and stages from different series.







Default Characters


Image And Name Franchise Description Home Stage
Paper Mario
Paper Mario Paper Mario, due to his, uh, papery nature, is quite speedy and attacks with a hammer and his partners from the Paper Mario games like Yoshi Kid and Tippi. However, since he is paper, he is easy to knock back.  Paper Plains

Wrecking Crew Sprite Luigi
Luigi (Wrecking Crew)

Wrecking Crew Luigi in his Wrecking Crew form. As such, he can use hammers, bombs, and oil drums to attack. He can also summon Eggplant Men to distract his opponents. Wrecking Crew
Daisy Artwork - Mario Golf World Tour
Super Mario Daisy debuted in Super Mario Land where Mario took a break from saving Peach from Bowser, to save Daisy from Tatanga instead. Since then, she has appeared in multiple sports games, and that's where her moveset stems from! Of course, she also takes elements from Peach in Smash, with flowery effects. The tomboy-ish princess of Sarasaland is armed with a Kart, a golf club, tennis racket, aeroplane, baseball bat, powerful kicks, basketballs, dodgeballs... Okay you get the idea. She can also make flowers appear, if that's of any use to you. Daisy Cruise
Elsa Fire
Frozen(?) Elsa has died in Hell and came back out as HELLSA! Hellsa can use fire-based attacks, such as shooting fire in large streams of it, making phoenix wings, and making a shield out of it. Arendelle

Mabel Pines

Gravity Falls Boys are taking the unlockable seat now! It's Mabel time! Mabel can use her hot glue gun and her grappling hook! Changing her sweaters gives her different atributes each time! Mystery Shack



Skylanders Gulper is a fat, scary, blue piece of shit. All he does is eat. However, he has good traits!, how, he did...Ok, he has no good traits. Portal Of Power
Akane Owari
Dangan Ronpa Akane is the Ultimate Gymnast, this somehow means she's a fucking beast when it comes to meelee, she can deliver strong punches and kicks and has her own "Truth Bullets" which can be used to "contradict" opponents and work as some sort of counter-attack, though these are useful they aren't that strong. The Island Life of Mutual Killings
Peter Quill/Starlord
Guardians of the Galaxy

I'm hooked on a feeling! (Da da da da) I'm high off believing! (Da da da da) That you're in love with me!

The brash space hero, Starlord has a gun which he uses for most of his attacks, as well as being able to escape enemy fire easily. On space levels he will be wearing his helmet so that he can breath. 

Cheese Sandwich
Cheese Sandwich
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Yeah, yeah. Ham's working on this so Pinkie is obviously- Wait, that's not Pinkie Pie! Cheese Sandwich seems to be a generic genderswap... Kinda. Anyway, Cheese Sandwich can play a mean accordion which shoots soundwaves. If that's not enough, he has plenty of party supplies at his disposal and let's not forget the giant wheel of cheese that he miraculously carries with him. Sugarcube Corner
Tinker Bell Disney Infinity
Disney Tinkerbell is one of Disney's main mascots, having debuted in Peter Pan. She can fly and use magical abilities, but gets tossed around easily due to her size and weight. Not only does she have magic, she is super intelligent and a great, well, tinker. She can create weapons for herself and easily predict opponent's moves. Tink is a hard character to master, but excellent when you do! Pixie Hollow

JakeThe Pirate


Jake and The Neverland Pirates This kid is like, 9, and yet he's a major Marty-Sue. He's nearly perfect at everything, in the show and in the game. But that's his flaw: perfection. He's so perfect that, if caught off guard, everyone one his weak spots is exposed. He can use "The Forever Sword" and summon Izzy or Cubby. Neverland

Rumble Sprite 1

Rumble McSkirmish

Gravity Falls "Hello! I am Rumble McSkirmish! I am the world's greatest Fight Fighter! I can use Fist Punch Rain, a machete, barrels and crates, and more! I can also use my...SUPER POWER NINJA TURBO NEO ULTRA HYPER MEGA MULTI ALPHA META EXTRA UBER PREFIX...COMBO!!!!" Fight Figthers



The Koopalings

Super Mario All of these are Bowser's children that you can switch between in battle. They all use magic and Koopa Klown Cars, but they have 3 moves each that seperate them from eachother. For example, while Bowser Jr. has his magic brush, Roy can use his brute strengh.

Bowser Jr's Playroom

180px-Hiro Action Render

Hiro Hamada

Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada, unlike his other teammates, doesn't really have any super powers of his own. Instead, he relies on bot-fighters. He can use Microbots and his tiny robot seen in the first few minutes of the film. San Fransokyo

200px-Baymax Armor Wings Render


Big Hero 6 This is Baymax. Once a robotic nurse, he's been transformed into a crime-fighting warrior. He can fly, do tai-chi, and, of course, rocket fists! But while he's good in the air, he's not so good on the ground. Hiro can also connect to his back. San Fransokyo Institute Of Technology


GoGo Tomago

Big Hero 6 GoGo Tomago, like the other characters, functions completly differently from the other characters. She can throw magnetic disks, which return when thrown at her. She can also use them as fast transportation. Lucky Cat Cafe

Unlockable Characters


Image And Name Franchise Description Home Stage How to Unlock
Sayaka Maizono - DanganronpaLeon Kuwata - DanganronpaChihiro Fujisaki - DanganronpaMondo Owada - DanganronpaKiyotaka Ishimaru - DanganronpaHifumi Yamada - DanganronpaCelestia Ludenberg - DanganronpaSakura Ogami - Danganronpa
The Fallen
Dangan Ronpa !?!??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Class Trial Win as Akane Owari 50 times.

LavoraThomasEKoopaJacksonByArend431px-Tim J. Koopa NSMBVR

20140427183540!Pyotr 3DDollypkoopaGyronewAlexekoopa

Some Of The Many Fanon Koopalings

Fantendo The abundance of Fanon Koopalings! They all use Koopa Klown Cars, but like the real Koopalings, they still have move that make them different from one another! For example, Alex Ember can use lightning while Tim J. can use rocks! Fanon Bowser's Castle Win as any Koopaling 30 times.

200px-Fred Monster Suit Render


Big Hero 6 Fred is a school mascot by day, but by any time of the day, he's a super-hero Kaiju! His suit's exoskeleton can let him bounce super high, and he can spin signs, spit fire, or spin signs that are on fire! Fred's Mansion Play as Hiro Hamada 50 times.

250px-Tumblr n8se6pza1R1ry7whco1 1280

Honey Lemon

Big Hero 6 Honey Lemon is a chemistry whiz, and a major team member of Big Hero 6. She can use "Chem-Balls" from her special purse, with such different varieties, such as Ice, Smokescreen, and Cushioning. Kreitech Play as Baymax 2014 times.

200px-Wasabi Plasma Render


Big Hero 6 Wasabi is an organized individual, and a smart person overall. As a super-hero, he can use plasma blades that come from his arms. While they can't slice like in the film, they can cause alot of damage to opponents. The Portal Play as all Big Hero 6 characters.

Strong Bad

Strong Bad

Homestar Runner Strong Bad has average speed and defense and above average attack. He can use his nunchuck gun and wrestling moves to take out his opponents. He is ROCKIN' that look, though! Strongbadia If you have a save file of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People on your Wii, he is already unlocked. If not, you must play 480 matches

Abomination 1


??? Not much is know about Abomination. All that's known is that it uses moves from Wario, Mr. Game and Watch, the Koopalings, Jigglypuff, and Duck Hunt. I hope he doesn't have a secret..form... The Depths Of Tumblr Beat Brawl Alley with Jigglypuff, Mr. Game and Watch, Wario, Duck Hunt, and The Koopalings.


Abomination XYZ






The Warped Depths Of Tumblr Beat  Brawl Alley as Abomination of the INFINITY level.

Default Stages



Unlockable Stages