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Tyrell is the Mars-Adept son of Garet and a secondary character in the Golden Sun series, first appearing in 2010's Nintendo DS game Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. He appears as the 12th unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Global Apocalypse.

Tyrell (SSBGA)
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Mars-Adept Warrior.
Full Name Tyrell
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Class Heavy
Main Weapon(s) Axe, Mace, Long Sword, Light Blade
First Appearance Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (2010)

How to Unlock

  • Play 480 Vs. matches.
  • Clear Adventure Mode with all 25 defeault characters on Normal difficulty or higher.
  • Get Tyrell to join your team in Story Mode. (Story Mode)

Upon satisfying the above conditions, with the exception of the third one, the player must face Tyrell, in a match, in Final Destination.

Character Description

Tyrell is a Mars-Adept warrior, trained to fully manipulate the elements of fire, heat and lava. Unlike Matthew, Tyrell's weapon of choice is his axe, which is able to produce incredible power of heat, despite having a long sword, a mace and a light blade. He has a similar personality to his father, Garet, and frequently gets himself into to trouble for saying or doing the wrong thing. He is fearless, having a poor sense of danger and also very clumpsy. He accepts and creates unneccessary challenges. Thanks to his mouth, even the calmest foes can't resist targeting him first. When Tyrell does get hurt, he hardly acknowledges it.


Tyrell is a heavyweight with very powerful attacks, in both terms of knockback and damage, and unlike most heavyweights, he is fast in both ground speed and in his attacks. Tyrell's Special Moves largely revolve around using Mars-psyenergy moves, mostly fire for offensive and defensive play. His Smash attacks, tilts and aerial game revolves around using his axe, rather than his swords and mace. Tyrell has very powerful projectiles, outstanding defensive play due to his Down Special Move, which allows him to create a fire shield around him for attack and defense, and his attacks are not laggy. His Smash attacks, however, are mostly slow but pack a punch. He has decent recovery and grabs & throws. In overall, Tyrell is one of the stronger characters, a quick heavyweight with great matchups.


Ground Attacks


  • 8we0dk

    Tyrell as he appears in SSBGA.

    Neutral Attack - Delivers multiple hits with his axe. 16%
  • Side Tilt - Crouches and twirls his axe, creating a fire circle. Delivers multiple hits. 12%
  • Up Tilt - Creates a flame above his head with his hand. 6%
  • Down Tilt - Swipes with his axe on the ground. 8%
  • Dash Attack - Swipes with his axe forward. 8%


  • Side Smash - Swings his axe over his head, in front of him at the ground. 28% (if fully charged)
  • Up Smash - Swings his axe above his head in an arc. 23% (if fully charged)
  • Down Smash - Swings his axe on both sides below him. 17% (if fully charged)


  • Ledge Attack - Gets up and hits with his axe. 6%
  • Floor Attack (face-up) - Kicks on both sides as he gets up. 7%
  • Floor Attack (face-down) - Spins while hitting with his axe. 7%
  • Floor Attack (sitting) - Swipes on both sides with his light blade. 5%

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Spins downards in place with his axe outstretched. 15%
  • Forward Aerial - Takes out his long sword and swipes twice. 7%, 8%
  • Back Aerial - Backstabs with his light blade. 8%
  • Up Aerial - Spins his mace above him. 12%
  • Down Aerial - Kicks diagonally downwards as flaming aura surrounds his legs. 9%

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel - Hits opponent with the tip of the axe. 3%
  • Forward Throw - Creates a dragon out of fire and strikes at the opponent. 10%
  • Back Throw - Throws opponent behind him and shoots a myriad of fireballs from his hand. 16%
  • Up Throw - Hits opponent upwards with his axe. 7%
  • Down Throw - Burns the opponent using Fiery Blast. 15%

Special Moves

Tyrell's Special Moves
Standard Special Heat Wave
Side Special Strike Raid
Up Special Epicenter
Down Special Pyroclasm
Final Smash Meteor


  • Up - Takes a pose as he leans his legs and places his axe above his head as fire surrounds him.
  • Side - Takes out his long sword and slashes in tha air as he says "What are you waiting for?".
  • Down - Adjusts his gloves as he says "This is nothing!".

Idle Animations

  • Puts his axe to his shoulder.
  • Looks in front of him in surprise, anxiously.


Gets chosen from a list of playable characters.


  • Performs some manuveurs with axe, then takes a pose and says "This time, victory is mine!".
  • Surrounds himself in a blazing aura.
  • Happily clenches his fists and twirls around, having fist in the air as he says "Looking good!".


Claps to the winner.

Victory Theme

Golden Sun Victory Theme (until part 0:07 of the video)