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Typhoon Delta Games
Type of Company Video Games
Founder(s) CaptainRuigi


Founded at/in October, 2014 (Not Named Until January 2015)
Owner(s) CaptainRuigi
No. of Employee(s) CaptainRuigi, Specs64z
Parent Company Nintendo

Typhoon Delta Games, often abbreviated to Typhoon Delta, TDG, or TD, is a game company created by CaptainRuigi and Specs64z. This company creates fanon games for various series, and eventually plans to add original IPs as well. Their first game, Pikmin 4: Beneath the Surface was a hit right from the start of development, and on Smash Fanon, Super Smash Bros. World Warriors is one of the more popular games. We hope to continue to make games that are just as well received.


The games Typhoon Delta creates are all about big, new concepts. We look for unique ideas and incorporate these into our games. We also believe in putting detail into everything we do. Any games labeled as ?????? will be revealed at a later date, but the genre is revealed early so people can get hyped for a game-type they may enjoy.

Name Genre Completion Status
Pikmin 4: Beneath the Surface Real-Time Strategy Complete
Super Smash Bros. World Warriors Fighting In Progress
Fire Emblem: War of Ages War (Sort of) In Progress
Heaven Sent Action/Adventure In Progress
Deus Ex Machina Platformer Backburner
Olympus Quod Abyssus : Fortuna RPG Backburner