Tyme Shift
Developer(s) MysterE Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3ds
Release Date(s)
Worldwide- November 28, 2014
Story Mode, Battle Mode, Endless Mode, Cutscene Mode, Celestial Mode, Masters Mode.
Age Rating(s)

Genre(s) Action Adventure Platformer
Successor None
Media Included Wii U Disc, 3ds card.

Tyme Shift is a 3D game made by MysterEgames that will be released in 2014. It has 6 mode in it. Story mode stars a young man named Galamus trying to find a device called The Tyme Shift Stone to save his city from a Time Anomaly, and a tribe of beings called The Anakai, though, he is unaware of the dark forces at work. It introduces something called a Tyme Shifter, a device that Galamus collects at the beginning of the game, which allows the player to shift through time zones. The player goes through many massive worlds to find out what is causing the anomaly. The creator is considering making a sequel, however, it is unknown if there will be one. There is another mode called  Endless Mode, where the player creates an endless city. The player can create many weapons, though the main weapon is the celestial sword, a sword made from a supernova. 


Game Basics

Wii U

In the Wii U version, the controls are simple. The player presses A to jump, and B to duck. Y is the attack button, and X+Y is the main combo button. The combat is mainly melee.The player can collect relics (which are truly household items.) to activate special powers, or, using the Gamepad, grind them into the Celestial Sword to create a stronger version. There are also special moves, which are more powerful moves that allow the player to elimanate certain enemies. There are Finishing Moves, which allows the player to defeat a boss. The controls can be adjusted in the menu.   


The moveset is the same as the Wii U version, with some key differences. The key differences are that in the 3DS version, instead of grinding relics into the celestial sword, the player creates different weapons using the stylus. It is also an RPG.


Story Mode

It will include 6 modes. In Story Mode, on the Wii U version, the player takes on the role of Galamus, a young resident of the last human settlement, Krome Prime. He is trying to find the power source of a time machine lost long ago, the Tyme Shift Stone. The player faces many evil beasts, prehistoric monsters, and the evil Anakai. In the 3ds version, an evil race of Space Dragons come and steal the Tyme Machine to make sure their master, The Thunderer, is never defeated. This version also takes place on a distant planet, and the player takes on the role of Odear, a former villan trying to make amends.

Battle Mode

In Battle Mode, the player and a friend battle to the death. As Story Mode is more complete, the more characters that are unlocked. There are 5 factions: Tymers, Anakai, Masters, and a fifth faction that will be unlocked after the completion of Story Mode. In the 3ds version, this mode is absent.

Endless Mode

In Endless Mode, the player creates an endless city. It is only unlocked after the first boss is beaten. The style is much like Sims. The player can get arrested, evicted, murdered, or drugged. The player is the mayor of the city, though he or she can be overthrown. The player basically lives every day life in this new, futuristic city.

Cutscene Mode

In Cutscene Mode, the player watches the various cutscenes from Story Mode.  The player can also watch all of them and some bits of gameplay at once, turning into Tyme Shift : The Movie. Celestial Mode In Celestial Mode, the player uses there money to create many constellations. They can bye certain constolations, or create their own by shooting comets into the sky.

Master's Mode

The final, secret challenge. It is the ultimate challenge, made only for Tyme Shift masters. In the Wii U version, the hero goes to go to the Grand Master City, a city made entirely out of diamonds. They are trying to find the legendary Rainbow Gemrald so the statue makers can make a statue of the hero. The only problem is that no one ever returns. Can the hero defeat the mysterious guardian? In the 3ds version, the player finds the legendary planet Nibiru. They must defeat the mysterious inhabitants of this planet and find the fabled Gods Treasure.

Story Mode : The Deadly Anomaly

Wii U Version

It begins with a cutscene explaining the events that have transpired. It begins 20,000 years ago. The planet Earth has been ravaged by nucular war and dying animals. The planet was on the verge of collapsing, so the people of Earth united in search of a solution. One group of explorers found ancient manuscripts describing a time altering mineral. The united people desperately began a search for the gem. It was found in a bizarre alien-like temple. The humans created a machine that would harvest the gem's power. There was one problem: Once going into the past, they could only go further. Civilization collapsed. The device was lost. The entire Earth became an anomaly. The anomaly summoned beings from other dimensions. And prehistoric beasts ravaged the land. All humans were purged, until only one settlement remained, the futuristic city of Krome Prime.

Prolouge: The Last Settlement

We see a futuristic city. It has gleaming silver skyscrapers. We then see a small house. A young blonde haired man emerges from the house. Another young man comes over. Hello Galamus. He says. The man responds with S'up Jearmo. Galamus walks over and asks if Jearmo heard about the Grand Council meeting. Jearmo suggests that they spy on them. Galamus answers by running off to the Grand Colosseum. The two friends finally arrive just as the meeting begins. The High Council arrives. The Elder reveals the nature of the meeting. Grand Council of Krome Prime he roars. We, the elders, have called you here for one reason and one reason only: Our species' very survival. We all know of the rising threat of the Anakai. Galamus shivered at the very thought of the rabbid, druling beasts from another dimension, though they have been scattered, they were as dangerous as ever. They were Krome Prime's worst enemy.Now we don't just have the Anakai to worry about. We also have to worry about an anomaly. The council uproars in arguing. Not only was an anomaly dangerous, it could also make it as if humans never existed.Our citizens have been disappearing without a trace. The head elder continues. It's obvious that this is a result of our ancestors' time travel. We don't know were the Tyme Machine or the Tyme Gem are. We must find a warrior to go and track down the ancient Tyme Shift Stone. I will warn you, for signs of recent Anakai activity are at a large, and not to mention that there are many beasts from this world and others. Will anyone volunteer?' 'The colosseum goes silent.Galamus steps forward. While Galamus knew that he may never return, he will do anything to save the city he loves. I will volunteer.  he says. The elder, while he is desperate, gives him a weapon, the Celestial Sword, made from the soul of the Anakai warlord, Thanos. He says that he will become Krome Primes champion, if he can prove he's worth. After going through three trials and learning the basics(or the controls), plus proving that their worthy, Galamus and Jearmo ( after being armed with futuristic silver amour) set off to find the gem, while a bizarre clan of monsters follow, searching for the soul of their lost master...

Chapter 1: Into the Forest

The heroes enter a lush green forest. While it appears to be a perfectly nice day, a mysterious fog rolls in. When they descend into the fog. When it clears, they are in a new landscape... a prehistoric landscape. The heroes realize they are in a different time zone. The heroes face dinosaurs, monsters, and the remnants of the Anakai. The heroes eventually reach the level 1-5 Orthis. They are confronted by the Anakai that have been stalking them. The heroes must defeat many different Anakai before they confront their genral, Orthis, an Anakai wearing a dinosaur skeleton. The heroes get in a mini boss fight, before Orthis runs off, vowing revenge. The heroes continue on to the level 1-B The Dino King, into an ancient arena. Orthis in within, appearing to be injured. He sees them, grabs a spear and charges. A huge beast breaks through the large arena doors and swallows Orthis whole. Galamus realizes that this is none other then the last T-rex, Tyros. The heroes ,however, must fight it to the death. After defeating this ferocious beast, the heroes walk forward through the doors, and realize that, they need a map!

Chapter 2: To Twist a Demon's Tail

After the defeat of Tyros, they realize they need a map. They have no idea where to go. Then Galamus hears a voice coming from his sword. It tells him to go north. Jearmo disagrees, telling him that it's not a good idea to trust a sword. Galamus listens none the less. The heroes find themselves in an icy landscape. There are many bizarre statues. They feel like they're being watched. The sword whispers a spell, and the demonic statues come to life. Jearmo says I told you so! Galamus must find the 100 statues and put them back to rest. The heroes are on the verge of finding the last one when they are attacked by a toxic yeti. After beating this icy baddy, they land at the top of the mountain, and face of the biggest, most powerful demon of all, Hydrone, the 5 headed serpent. After defeating this ultimate demon, instead of turning back to stone, it shatters, and inside of it's remains: a map!

Chapter 3: The Map

The heroes, having just found the map, take a look. All they see bizarre symbols. They realize that it is an ancient language. They must find out what the symbols mean. Only one sentence is in english:Find the decoder. The two heroes have no idea what the map is talking about. The sun shines on a part of it and shows bizarre totem-pole like statues. The heroes realize they saw those poles before, and realize that these are clues. The heroes realize that they must be the decoders. The heroes must find the ten decoders, while fighting many monsters along the way. Each decoder only gives a hint to where the next decoder is. After the fifth totem decoder, the heroes are ambushed by an Anakai scouting post. They force them to fight a mysterious beast: Tekock, the dragon. After defeating the dragon, they find the decoder. Finally, the heroes find the last, and most significant of the decoders, but it is guarded by the giant gorilla beast, Scar. They finally defeat this beast with the power of the Celestial Sword. They decode it, and just before it is about to be read, Jearmo is stung by a common enemy found in the chapter, the highly poisonous Corboc!

Chapter 4: The Serril Monks

Galamus quickly reacts. He drops the map and tends to his friend. He realizes there's nothing he can do and brutally slays the cobroc. Tired and confused he screams into the sky. He is then knocked out. When he wakes up, he is in the mouth of a cave. Mysterious men approach him. They say they are the Serril Monks, the inhabitants of the jering mountains. They say that they secluded themselves in the mountains to keep the balance in place. Forgetting about his friend for a split second, Galamus asks what they mean. The Serril Monks told him a story that would change the entire course of his journey, and the fate of humanity.It was months after the Tyme Travel Catactlysm. Said the head monk. The ancients only had prehistoric beasts to worry about. They knew that they would be purged within months, so they created something that would protect them: a creature known as The Leviathen. They created it from the many shards of D.N.A they'd collected. The Leviathen was the perfect predator, and they let there gaurds down for just long enough for the leviathen to gain intelligence. It went against their will and used the Tyme Machine to create interdimensonal demons. Galamus knew who they were: The Anakai. The lead monk continued.The Leviathen tried to destroy humanity. The battle raged on until only one settlement remained: Krome Prime. Krom Prime destroyed the armies and sealed the Leviathen in another dimenson, so Thanos took over the Anakai. Galamus asked I thought the Anakai leader was Thanos. But it was obvious that the true warlord was the beast that the monks spoke of. You know the rest. Galamus spoke How does this have anything to do with the balance? The monk told him that the leviathen wants to escape, but if he does it would cause the universe to die. In other words: a Tyme Shift. Galamus asks if there is anyway to cure a cobrocs poison. The monks say yes and give him a list of  the three ingredients. Galamus goes off to find the ingredients. After the hero has collected the three ingredients, he returns back to the cave. The monks put them together, and it turns into a sphere. All four monks fuse together and crate a Four headed beast! Galamus must defeat the traitorous monks! After they are defeated, they explode and when it splatters on Jearmo, he wakes up! With Jearmo cured, they look at the map, and Gasp! 

Chapter 5: Poisonous

All the heroes saw was a half of a sentence that said The gem to save all men is withi. They were stunned. What could have happened to the map this time? Galamus remembers that before he and the treacherous mega-monk battled, it bit the map. When it exploded, it must have flown off. Jearmo screams! They were so close! They don't know where it could have flown off to. Galamus thinks he saw it fly north. So, hoping against hope, they headed north. They end up in the toxic bogs, a place so poisonous that not a single speck of life called that place home. All except for... the mutants. The heroes realize that this may be the most dangerous part of their journey. After evading the toxic bogs and avoiding the mutants, they find the map! But not before facing a huge monster (of course!). This mutant swallows the map, and is so mutated that one touch, and you mutate! After beating this ferocious foe, they get the final piece of the map, but not before an Anakai scout steals the map, and the Celestial Sword!

Chapter 6: A New Day

The heroes are stunned. How many times can they lose the map, and now Galamus has lost his signature weapon! And there's only one place that the Anakai could have gone: Notvrix, the Anakai capital.And there's only one thing that the Anakai intend to do with that sword: revive Thanos, the late Anakai genral. The heroes must now get to one of the most dangerous places on Earth, and put an end to the Anakai menace! They find their way and try to enter, but now they must disarm the defenses.Using meele attacks to defeat the Anakai. Just as they are about to disarm them, they are confronted by the very Anakai that stole the map and the Sword. He, and the griffin that he is riding, wants revenge on the heroes, as they killed his dad, Orthis! After a mini boss fight, the Anakai is no more. They enter the castle and fight many Anakai troops. They reach the top and find the sword... in the ribcage of a skeleton. This skeleton is ,in fact, Thanos! Thanos rises, parts of him still in it's skeletal form. The heroes must fight this massive boss to the end. After a huge struggle against the vengeful genral, Thanos is finally defeated, as are the Anakai. The heroes reach for the map, and the sword. They read the map and it says The gem to save all men is located within the land where hope is a myth, and where all creatures lose hope, watch out for IT!

Chapter 7: Victory?

This is it! screams Jearmo. We can finally save the world! Galamus reminds him that they must first find the gem. They have no idea where to look. Then Galamus realizes that they might find it in the fourth dimension. Jearmo asks what that is. Galamus explains that the Sword can actually be a portal to another dimension! Jearmo wonders how they are to activate it. Galamus then takes the hilt of the sword off, takes out the jewel in the center, and a portal appears! The heroes grab 2 of the Anakai's griffins and fly off into this fourth dimension! When entering this new dimension, they see no land, as was said by the map. All they can see are bizarre jellyfish- like creatures. Jearmo wonders where they go now. Galamus tells him they'll use the map. It glows every time they go in the right direction, so the player must use the map and the griffins to navigate this bizarre dimension. After navigating through the chapter, they find just beyond the horizon... The Tyme Travel Machine, and in it... The Tyme Shift Stone! They are so close to victory when... they are attacked by a bizarre beast with a clock in its chest. It, blocking there path, would battle the heroes to the death. After winning this seemingly Final battle, they go to the Tyme Machine and grab the Tyme Shift Stone. It wasn't over yet. After grabbing it, a large coffin pops out of the center of the Tyme Machine. It opens and out of it comes... The Leviathan! He thanks them for defeating the guardian and freeing him. He then lets out a shriek so awful that the griffins drop dead. The jellyfish creatures turn into horrible monsters. The Leviathan grabs the Tyme Shift Stone and knocks the two heroes off the machine. He turns on the machine's jets and heads through the portal. He screams Next stop: Krome Prime! He leaves the two heroes to drift through space, off to take his awful vengeance...

Chapter 8: The Fallen City

The heroes, last seen drifting through space, drift to the portal. All Galamus could say was Too late.... Then the Celestial Sword drifts over, and lets out a blast that restores the heroes life. With there strength returned, they re-enter the Earth dimension, and see smoke in the distance. It appeared to be at the same place as Krome Prime...Time to move! Galamus screams. They rush off to their home. When they reach it, they stare in aw. They are staring at the smoking remains of...Krome Prime! They find that they must face new beasts created by The Leviathen. After fending off the new forces of their dark enemy, they reach the colosseum. They see the sad elders... almost as if they were frozen. The Leviathen appears, telling them that he plans to use the Tyme Machine to destroy the world! He says that he'll make sure they die this time. He releases... The fabled beast known as Smbosis. The heroes are left to fight the fabled beast in the arena of the city they once called home. After ending this legendary beast, they see a portal open, and they know it's the leviathan opening the portal. Galamus doesn't know why he would use the Tyme Machine. They know that they must stop him. They jump in after him, little did they know what awaited them in the vortex...

Chapter 9: All Fall Down

Chapter 10: Rebirth

Chapter 11: The Gem To Save All Men

Chapter 12: The Amber Prince

Chapter 13: The  Revolution

Epilouge: The Fate Of All Men

3ds version

Prolouge: The Old Way

Chapter 1: A New Hero

Chapter 2: The Lord Of Spirits

Chapter 3: The Secret

Chapter 4: A Celestial Sword

Chapter 5: The Wormhole

Chapter 6: Good And Evil


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