This is the list of relationships Tyler has with others.


Tyler and Malon are just close friends, but Tyler is madly in love with her. Malon is clueless about his love, which makes Tyler think she's even cuter than she was 3 seconds ago. It is unknown how she is clueless because of the fact that when they sit down, Tyler is always taking her hand, then looking into her eyes. When he is fully posessed by darkness, however, horrible things happen.


Tyler and Mario are good friends and partners on occasion. They first met when Mario accidentally crossed into Tyler's world, and they worked together to find a portal home. Mario also visits periodically to check up on him. He rarely will ask about him and Malon. If things are going horribly wrong in Tyler and Malon's relationship, then Mario will straighten things out. Mario, along with other heroes (and Malon), will beat the darkness out of Tyler when he is fully posessed.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic is Tyler's childhood hero. They met in reality when Tyler got lost in Brinstar, and he helped him fight off a posessed Little Mac. Sonic then brought everyone to the Green Hill Zone, helping them heal. He occasionally races Tyler, but they always seem to be at a draw somehow. He is one of the heroes who help beat the darkness out of Tyler when he is fully posessed.


Samus was a former love interest of Tyler before he loved Malon. Samus and Tyler occasionally have gun battles until Tyler falls unconcious or Samus loses her Power Suit. Samus and Tyler are always out on an adventure to train their skills. Samus is one of the heroes that help beat the darkness out of Tyler once fully posessed.

Mephiles the DarkEdit

Mephiles is one of the origins of Tyler's dark power, along with other dark deities. Mephiles is a sensei-like figure to Tyler like King Kai is to Goku. In exchange, Tyler helped Mephiles realize he can help the world with his dark powers. Mephiles is nowhere near the battle when Tyler is fully posessed by darkness.


Tyler is always trying to gain Talon's trust for dating his daughter. The situation is very similar to one in The Amazing World Of Gumball. Because of this distrust, Tyler always tells Malon to come to the river because he isn't allowed in the ranch because Talon thinks he might go into Malon's room with her, because Talon knows what bad things could happen.

Donkey KongEdit

Tyler and Donkey Kong are best friends, even willing to get seriously injured to help one another train. Donkey Kong also does various favors for him, like getting precious stones from deep sprawling caves, grabbing beehives so they could throw then at more beehives, and even making quadruple decker hangliding couches somehow. Donkey Kong is one of the heroes that beat the darkness out of Tyler when darkness takes over.

Young LinkEdit

Tyler and Link are serious rivals over Malon, even though Talon chooses neither. Link always tries to impress Malon, but Tyler always stops him before he can impress her. Stealth attacks are the key to their abnormal fighting rates, because he knows Tyler hates being snuck up on. Link is one of the heroes that beat the darkness out of Tyler when darkness blankets his soul.


Tyler is a professional Pokemon trainer. His main offense strategies are often led by Lucario. He has entered the Kalos hall of fame more times than anyone else he knows of, entering it 15 times. He knows about every Pokemon in existence, including their types. He completely knows his type matchups. 16 of the 18 types of Pokemon help cleanse his soul of darkness once taken over.