Tyler is an 11-year-old (although he is as mature as somebody 3 times his age) swordfighter, trying to accomplish his life long goals before his dark instincts take over. He has many, many, MANY, MANY mature goals.


Tyler is a dark person. The light inside of him takes over occasionally, and drives all of the darkness out. This is not always a good thing, however, because it forbids the use of his move Warlock Punch. However, it grants Power of Flight and Guardian Orbitars. He is also a social life chaos, due to the fact that his many theories can lead to total chaos.

Past Life

Tyler is dark because of a series of incidents that have happened to him from ages 3 to 11 that made him seek vengeance on the world for exiling him to "the monster that he is now." He has listened to far too much metal music, and that also drives him insane on occasion. His family even tries to make his life worse on occasion, especially his father.


Tyler is an accomplished swordfighter, brawler, and gunman. His swiftness and power are natural traits in his family's lifeblood. He has picked up skills from many people, including Itachi Uchiha, Ike, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc. However, when light takes him over, many of his skills vanish. His most prized skills are Warlock Punch, Blast Burn, and Chaos Control.


See here.


  • He appears to be madly in love with Talon's daughter, Malon, causing him to protect her at all costs.

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