Ty Wombat (Voiced by Eric Bauza) is a character in the Skip and Sqak Anime Series, where he appears in the episode Fraudway Star as the Main Antagonist. He later appears in Back In Action and one of the Villians in Rangers.


  • Fraudway Star: After Ty saved the SSFF from a forest fire, everyone starts loving him like a hero as he rides on his bicycle "Wombatmobile" doing many great deeds such as:
  • capturing a bandit who stole a little girl's wallet
  • Saving a train from falling over a canyon
  • Restarting a dead elevator some Blue Ants were in
  • Turning off a bomb that was about to blow up a building
  • Saving Kaida, Jessica, and Janice who were tied up and gagged by a group of Monkey Bandits

But the SSFF relize that Ty actually set up all those disasters he saved, and decide to get a taste of his own medicine by scaring him with a Red Ant Robot (Which Dr. Tron is secretly controlling). Ty gets so scared that he admits his secret in front of everyone, who all boo at him. Ty promises to leave the real disasters to the SSFF who save him from the Robot. He is then told to get out of the city, so he goes onto his Wombatmobile and drives away sadly.

Back In Action

Ty later returned in this game that can be talked too in Black Water Stream getting ready for the River Race.

He is later seen in the ending flying off to Xoon with the rest of the group.


Ty Wombat was later one of the Main Villians of Rangers, where he plans to outshine SSFF by taking over the World.

Ty Wombat finally realized he'll never be a Super Hero, so he decides to become a Super Villian. To be a great villian, Ty joins RED and plans to destroy Under City by making a cave in. To do so, the Red Ants build a giant drill machine to drill through the shallow parts of the ground that'll make the roof come crashing down.

However, the Elite Heroes caught up with Ty on the Drill Machine and fought him. Defeated, Ty escapes from capture but the heroes destroyed the Drill Machine before it caved in Under City.


  • Ty Wombat has several references to Batman, Sonic The Hedgehog, and Ty The Tasmanian Tiger. His Wombatmobile is a parody of Batman's Batmobile, his mowhawk is blue like sonic's, and he throws a Boomerang like Ty The Tasmanian Tiger. Infact, They both have the same name.
  • Here is the list of Disasters Ty caused:
  1. He started the forest fire
  2. The thief and little girl at the market was his cousin and sister
  3. He bent the train tracks
  4. He cut off the power to the elevator
  5. He actually putted the bomb in the building
  6. He paid those Monkey Bandits to rob Queen Kaida
  • Originally, there was going to be a Moniter Lizard Biker that wears a different outfit, drives a 4-wheeler, and uses an RPG as a weapon.
  • Ty Wombat also has his own theme song.

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