Ty Sonic775

Ty, the Tasmania Tiger, is ready for the battle !! Ty appear as a starting newcomer in the two version of Super Smash Bros GX. He is revealed in the "Ty the Tasmania Tiger" trailer. Is a speedy type character, and he fight with his specials boomerang, like the flammerang and the icerang, and some of Ty's Boomerang Special Moves have different effects to his opponents. (Flamerang = Fire effect to opponent / Frostyrang = Freezes opponents for a short time / Zappyrang = Electric effect to oponent / Chronorang = Slows opponents down like the Timer item or Shadow's Chaos Control move / Kaboomarang = Explosion).

"Ty is a tasmanian tiger from Southern Rivers, he protects the land of Australia from the evil Boss Cass and his troops of Frills, Blue-Tongue Lizards, and more. Ty's adventure began when he met the Bunyip Elder who told him that Ty's family has been sent to the Dreamtime by Boss Cass via 5 mystic Talismans before Ty's father seperated the Talismans via his Boomerangs. So Ty had to travel around Southern Rivers for the Talismans to stop Cass and save his family."

Ty is confirmed to have Shazza the Dingo for alternate costume.

In SSB GX, Ty and Shazza keeps their voices actors to their originates games. Ty his voiced by Greg Ellis and Shazza is voiced by Debi Mae West.

Specials Traits

  • Ty can swim in the water longer than almost any other character.
  • Ty's Grab can reach further by two and a half Kirbys laying down.


Basic Moveset

  • Ground Attacks
Name Damages Description
Neutral Attack 3% (hit 1-2), 6% (hit 3) Ty uses the left-rang side first for a quick strike, uses the right side second for another quick strike and goes side-by-side downward making an X shape.
Neutral Combo
Dash Attack 9% Ty will slide with his boomerangs in front of him.
Forward Tilt 6% Ty does a slow slice with his boomerangs.
Up Tilt 4% Ty spins his boomerangs upwards on land.
Down Tilt 8% Ty slams his rangs flat. Good KO and knockback.
Side Smash 5% Ty throws 4 of his Multirangs.
Up Smash 10% (clean), 7% (late) Ty throws his Kaboomarangs at the same time, upwards.
Down Smash 11% Ty spins around with his Shadowrings downward.
  • Aerial Attacks
Name Damages Description
Neutral Aerial 3% per hit Ty spins around with his boomerangs in the air.
Forward Aerial 5% Ty strikes with his Infrarang.
Back Aerial 6% Ty does a 90 degree angle hit to anyone behind him with his boomerang.
Up Aerial 9% Ty uses his Smasharang upward to attack anyone above him.
Down Aerial 12% Ty slams his boomerangs downward, the result of anyone under him is slamming downward faster. Good KO and knockback.
  • Grabs and Throws
Nom Damages Description
Pummel Bite 3% per hit Ty does a quick bite to the opponent who he grabbed.
Forward Throw 11% (clean), 6% (late) Ty bites his opponent and then throws them forward.
Back Throw 11% (clean), 4% (late) Ty bites his opponent and then throws them behind him.
Up Throw 7% Ty throws his opponent upward and then jumps and bites his opponent.
Down Throw 6% Ty bites his opponent and then throws them downward.

Specials Attacks

Name Damages Description
B Neutral Boomerangs 3-10%, depending on the type of the boomerang. Ty throws his main weapon, his boomerangs, forward. Each boomerang deals a different amount of damage and has a different effect, shown in the Special Traits.
Custom 1 Faster Boomerang 4% Ty throw a little and faster boomerang.
Custom 2 Triple Boomrang 7-14%, depending on the type of the boomerang Ty throw 3 boomerang at the same time.
B + <, > Boomerang Swap 0% Ty swaps his boomerang forwards or backwards, depending on the direction the player presses, left or right. This attack have not alternatives.
Custom 1
Custom 2
B + Up Lassorang 9% (clean), 6% (late) Ty uses his Lassorang upward to either grab the ledge or an opponent close to the ledge, dealing damage to the opponent.
Custom 1 Giant Lassorang 15% (clean), 9% (late) Ty uses a giant version of his lassorang.
Custom 2 Boomerang helicopter 5% per hit Ty spins his boomerang and flies. The player can control his ascent with the cursor.
B + Down Bite 8% (early), 12% (clean), 6% (late) Ty uses his white teeth to bite his opponents and deals damage to them. Ty can even charge his bite to deal more damage to his opponents. If the player holds and releases the Special Button, Ty will go to the closest opponent and deal twice the damage to the opponent.
Custom 1 Big Bite 10% (early), 17% (clean), 8% (late) Similar to the normal bite, but this bite is realy big. Good KO and knockback.
Custom 2 Speedy Bite 6% Ty perform a speedy bite.

Final Smashes

Name Damages Description
Final Smash A Shadow Bunyip 23% Ty releases his Shadow Bunyip, like Fox, Falco, and Wolf's Final Smashes, but unlike the Star Fox characters, the Shadow Bunyip can turn easily, can punch, and charge/release its laser for up to 15 seconds. After the time is up, Ty hops out of his Shadow Bunyip to continue the battle.
Final Smash B Talismans Power 25% The 5 talismans appear around Ty and combine their power. A giantess shockwave cover all the stage and all of the opponents are ejected.

Palette Swaps

Color Description
Ty 1 Sonic775
Ty 2 Sonic775
Ty 3 Sonic775
Ty 5 Sonic775
Ty 6 Sonic775

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