Charles "Two Tooth" M. Koopa is the second oldest Koopaling and is not known if he's a biological or an adopted Koopaling. Two Tooth is one of the few Koopalings who don't have a magic scepter for a weapon. Instead, Two Tooth uses two mossy like sharp large teeth with two straps of tape around each one, looking like an X. Two Tooth has more of a western cowboy-like character.


Two Tooth is pretty tall, taller than Lavora but a little bit shorter than his father. Two Tooth has a flaming orange color skin, and his face and stomach are tan. His head is a desert yellow, with a hairstyle of a mix with Larry's, Iggy's, and Lemmy's with a color of yellow-orange. Two Tooth also always wears a cowboy hat with a red stripe around it with retro star man designs around it. Two Tooth wears a strap around his body from the top of his arm down near his hip, which the strap is attach to a pocket (also near Two Tooth's hip) which has a revolver inside the pocket, though Two Tooth never uses the revolver. Two Tooth has one big fang and one small fang. He also has a scar on the side of his face. Two Tooth has a yellow shell with dark green rings and pointy spikes, similar to Bowser's. Two Tooth has a bright yellow ring around the shell as well. Two Tooth has one yellow eyebrow that is similar to Bowser Jr.'s.


Two Tooth is very concentrated in his work to fight against good and be the surpassed one, though he does has some respect for his family.


  • Two Tooth's real name and middle name is from Mario's voice actor's name, Charles Marinet.
  • Two Tooth's western character is based off Metal Chaos (tbc)'s favorite Skylander, Rattle Shake.

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