Twizted Toyland is a Platformer game for the Nintendo Wii being made by Lemmykoopa24 (tbc). It features 3 toys that go on a quest to rescue the happy land of Toyyboxx from the evil, futuristic villain Sistum. The game uses the Wii Remote held sideways.


There was never any place more happier than the land of Toyyboxx. The weather was always beautiful, the people were always happy, and the heroes of the city, Albert, Spinny, and Jackson, always made sure that any problem was taken care of.

Because of the peace, happiness, and tranquility of Toyyboxx, no one was prepared for the day that Sistum invaded the land and took over Toyyboxx and turned into his own, darker utopia, known as Esesserbe. Afterward, nobody was happy at all, the weather wasn't nearly as nice, and things looked bad for the future of Toyyboxx.

The 3 heroes, Albert, Spinny, and Jackson, had been on a vacation for a while. But when they heard of the attack by Sistum, they did not hesitate to go rescue Toyyboxx from Sistum.

Gameplay & Controls

The gameplay is like that of NSMBWii. You traverse across sidescrolling levels, defeat enemies, and use all 3 characters to solve puzzles or defeat stronger enemies. You can pick any of the 3 characters to play as, but the other 2 will just follow you around and get into position when necessary to solve the puzzle or defeat the stronger enemy. Each character has their own special skills, vital to complete the game.

  • D-Pad - Move Character
  • A Button - Regroup
  • B Button - Throw projectile.
  • 2 Button - Jump
  • 1 Button - Run, hold and use with Wii Remote motions to use skills.

Characters & their skills


A big, lumbering, jolly teddy bear with a red bow tie. He can pick up obstacles, enemies, and his teammates and throw them to clobber enemies, make a platform, or get his teammates to other areas.

  • 1 + Shake Wii Remote - Pick Up
  • Let go of 1 - Throw


A small, fast-talking spin-top. He can move extremely fast, activate certain object, and defeat enemies by running into them. He has bad traction.

  • Hold 1 - Start Spinning
  • Move while holding 1 - Spin Attack
  • Jump, then hold 1 - Dig.


A serious, determined Jack-in-a-Box. He can jump extremely high and be used as a springboard for his teammates.

  • Hold 1 - Hide in Box.
  • Let go of 1 - Spring up.

Rest TBA...





Secret Characters

When you unlock secret characters,you may pick them instead of the 3 main heroes. The unlockable character's skills are not vital to complete the game, but they can be used to unlock secret bonuses or levels. The other 3 main characters will just follow you and complete missions and defeat enemies for you.

Toy Soldier

The Toy Soldier can defeat enemies and destroy obstacles from a distance.

  • 1 - Shoot

Foosball Player

The Foosball Player can launch soccer balls through the air in an arc to take out enemies from a distance and from behind cover.

  • 1 - Launch Soccer ball.

Rest TBA...

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