This subpage includes the main backstory of the game along with each character's individual stories and endings.

Main Story

In 1994, a man known as "William Sparks" was a very well-known celebrity, a man being part of a big annual demolition derby event, though he was known better by his stage name, "Calypso", however, what few people knew was that he was actually part of a satanic cult known only as "Black Doomsday", in which he performed an enormous amount of demonic rituals until he eventually discovered a dark skill: the ability to retain souls and absorb their energy to become stronger.

Meanwhile, in Hell, "Minion", the right hand man of a demon in charge of keeping souls intact known as "Grimm", started to notice the disappearance of more and more tortured souls daily, he eventually informed Grimm, who decided to punish William for his actions by not only taking his life, but also his family's, taking them to heaven while William stayed in Hell.

William landed in Hell filled with despair and was forced to participate in torture games made by Minion, all part of a big tournament he held every month in Hell where tortured souls competed to temporarily avoid punishment called "Twisted Metal", which just so happened to involve vehicles, mainly cars, William participated in these tournaments and won almost every single one of them, his hatred for Grimm and Minion fueling his skills.

Eventually, a demonic imp by the name of "Mr. Ash", who was forced to work for Minion but hated him with an intense passion because of his attitude towards him, gave him the offer of stealing Grimm's ring for him, which contains millions of souls and thus would allow William to absorb them and get enough power to escape Hell, as long as he helped him escape too, William accepted and soon enough William became immensely powerful after absorbing the enormous amount of souls contained in the ring.

William easily escaped Hell, with no demon being strong enough to stop him, and along the way enslaved Minion and destroyed all of Grimm's armies, leaving him defenseless as he returned to real life, where he used his powers to completely change his appearance and decided to adopt his stage name as his real name, making him "Calypso Sparks".

Having gone mad after his stay in Hell, Calypso abused his powers to the limit, eventually forming a company of his own called "Calypso Industries", which would gain enormous amounts of money daily, however, Calypso quickly became bored of his perfect life and the souls in Grimm's ring started running out, debilitating his power little by little, thinking of a solution to this problem Calypso had a horrifying idea: host "Twisted Metal" on Earth and gain inmense amounts of souls while entertaining himself at the same time.

With all of the money from Calypso Industries, Calypso easily funds the games and while governments and civilians protest, Calypso's powers make easy work of the resistance until everyone, out of fear, just accepts it, and so Twisted Metal starts to become an annual tradition.

The game's actual stories take place in the 11th official Twisted Metal tournament.

Custom Character's Story


Sweet Tooth's Story


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