Twisted Metal Crisis is a Twisted Metal game made by Dreams Inc. in 2017 for the PS4, XBox One and V2. Like many other games in the series, it does not follow the continuity set up by previous games but instead takes place in its own continuity.


Every year, "Calypso", a man with grand mysterious powers hosts a "Twisted Metal" contest, in which people compete in battles to the death aboard vehicles (mostly cars), the winner of the contest getting one wish from Calypso himself, in Story Mode you can take control of any character you want and go through their story, ending with them getting their wish from Calypso.

See the full backstory and each character's story here: Twisted Metal Crisis/Stories


The game is a vehicular combat game, meaning you pick a character and a vehicle (different characters work better with different vehicles and their stats modify the vehicle's, so the player has to look for the right combination for their style of play), and you're put into a gigantic arena where you must destroy other cars using your car and your character's special abilities, as well as weapons you find along the map.

Every map has tons of destructible environments that can be used to the player's advantage, which is highly recommended as destroying parts of the map (along with performing tricks) grants you "Twisted Tokens" which can be spent anytime you want in the middle of a match in order to refill health, get items and upgrade your vehicle.

Each character has their special abilities and attacks, including two super attacks known as "Devastation Attacks" which change depending on whether the character is in their default vehicle or not, some characters even have their own passive skills which affect some vehicles better than others, though riding in a character's main vehicle allows them to have all of their standard stats without modification.

Story Mode

Story Mode puts the player in the shoes of whatever character they chose as they explore "Blackfield City" and perform missions in order to procceed further into the tournament, most of the missions are very simple, requiring the player to destroy certain buildings, take down a specific target in the map or get through an obstacle course, depending on your performance while doing these missions you'll rack up points, if you accomplish the score requirement you get to participate in a "Main Event", where you must face off against opponents while Calypso constantly messes with the match.

After 3 Main Events you face off against "Minion" who is forced to fight by Calypso, this acts as a boss battle of sorts, after which you go through one more Main Event ending in a final battle against your character's rival, after the final Main Event you get your wish from Calypso.

Team Turmoil Mode

Two different teams are placed on the map, with each one having a leader which is either chosen at random between human players if playing locally with friends, the only human player if playing single player, or at random but with a higher chance of being picked if you have more wins than losses in online.

The two teams must destroy members of the opposing team in order to gain Twisted Tokens, which can only be obtained by destroying opponents in this mode, however, every Twisted Token obtained goes directly to the leader of the respective team, who can either spend it on upgrades to the whole team, health refills for the whole team or even temporary stat buffs, however, the main focus is on the most expensive item on the in-game shop, the "Atomic Shell", which covers the team leader's car in an atomic missile which can be activated at any time by pressing the item button, causing the player to start dashing forwards at great speed and cause a giant explosion after hitting anything, if the team leader hits the opposing team's leader with this attack, they either win the game or they get one point out of three depending on the settings.


Default Characters

Name Description Default Vehicle Devastation Attacks Wish
Sweet Tooth (Needles Kane) A psychopathic killer wearing a clown mask, Sweet Tooth went insane after being cursed by the Black Doomsday many years back, lighting his head on fire and causing him intense pain for the rest of his life, but also making him unable to kill himself, now that he knows that it was Calypso he is planning on winning Twisted Metal and killing him.
  • Sweet Tooth: An ice cream truck that was used by Needles Kane before turning into Sweet Tooth, it has a big clown face that sort of resembles Sweet Tooth's mask (with even a flaming head), but more broken down and rusty. This truck's got an average armour but the real strenght comes in the firepower.
  • Laughing Ghost (default vehicle): Sweet Tooth launches the flaming head on-top of his ice cream truck, which starts spinning around him, ramming into opponent's vehicles with great force and also setting them on fire, which causes temporary gradual damage to their vehicle.
  • Napalm Cone (any other vehicle): Sweet Tooth activates a cannon that appears out the top of the vehicle and launches two big flaming "ice cream cones" with slight homing properties that bounce off walls until hitting a vehicle or exploding on their own after a bit.
Stop the pain caused by the fire in his head and afterwards, kill Calypso.
Jamie Roberts A high-rank officer of the LAPD who enters Twisted Metal against the LAPD's wishes in order to find out the whereabouts of her missing brother, who's also a police officer and disappeared after winning one of the first Twisted Metal tournaments, she plans on stopping Calypso and Twisted Metal after reuniting with her brother, Carl Roberts.
  • Outlaw: A heavily-armoured 4-door SUV painted with the classic black-and-white police car color scheme and with red and blue sirens on-top of it. This SUV is extremely resistant but is not really fast. 
  • Grenade Launcher (default vehicle): A grenade launcher comes out of the top of the SUV as the red and blue sirens activate, after which the grenade launcher starts rapidly shooting grenades in all 8 directions around Outlaw, generating explosions that can send opponents flying into the air.
  • Omni-Taser (any other vehicle): Jamie activates a giant taser which homes in on the nearest opponent, shocking them and creating an electric radius around them that can trap other opponents until the original target is sent boosting forwards out of control.
Reunite with her brother and afterwards, take down Calypso and end Twisted Metal.

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