Twisted Metal Crossover is a game in the Twisted Metal series. It is a collaboration of HAL Laboratory, Sega, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon,Scott Cawthon,Grasshopper Manufacture ,Sony and Valve. It is a crossover of Killer7, Kirby Right Back At Ya!, Twisted Metal, Ed Edd n' Eddy , Operation: Kids Next Door, Steven Universe,Uncle Grandpa, The Desolate Hope, SpongeBob SquarePants, Rugrats, FNAF , Portal and TF2.


The story for all contestants have a beginning cutscene, middle cutscene, and end cutscene, just like Twisted Metal Black.However, this does not take place in someone's head.


Driver  /   Vehicle          /         Wish          /

Needles Kane Sweet Tooth To kill his brother/ police officer, Charlie Kane.

Mike Schmitt Outlaw To get away from those rabid animatronics.

Agent James Crimson Fury To undo The Bite of '87.

Emir Parkriner Crazy 8 To undo the death of the Smith Syndicate.

Ricky Augki Roadkill To cure her sister's disease (This unlocks Twirl Augki)

Twirl Augki Yellow Jacket To be the richest and most beautiful girl in the world.

Driver  /   Vehicle          /         Wish          /

Tiff Ebrum Fushca Flame To get Kirby back from his banishment (This unlocks Kirby).

Mat Birdrunner Blue R Wants a normal competition prize:$1,000,000.

Jimby Balloon President Wants all the balloons in the world.

Kirby Warpstar GT Wants a giant watermelon.


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