The following content contains spoilers, as well as rated T content. I am not responsible if you cry. This is also the final chapter, so it is naurally huge.

Notice, also, that all of the main characters get there own retteling of the end. This one happens to be Litle P's. As such, is ends stupidly. No duh there.

Chap. X (will fill in later)

As Daisy's Energy Ball flew toward Sandslash, Litle P broke free from the Snifit's grasp. "SANDSLAAASSSSHHHH!!!" Litle P screamed as he jumped in front of the Energy Ball. The white light blinded everyone in the room, All of the fights stopped. People looked at the dying Pichu on the floor, surrounded by blood. "San... Sandslash..." Litle P called in a hoarse voice. Sandslash walked over to him, ignoring the quietness that had befell the room. "San... Sandslah... Do you, remember, the promise, Sandslash?" he whispered, as Sandslash put his brother in his arms. "I promised... that we'd have an adventure someday, Litle P." Sandslash said, quietly, into the ear of his dying brother. "Yes. You did, Sandslash. And, we went on one. We... We saved Cleffa. We... we... we saved the world. Almost. I guess... you were right. Maybe... I wasn't cut out for this. So... Sandslash?" Litle P said, getting paler by the minute. "Yes?" Sandslash said, his eyes filling with tears. "Sandslash... save the world. For me. And never, not ever, forget about me." He said, his eyes closing.... one final time. By now, Jiggy and Randy and all of the rest of the gang ran over. The Nintendogs howled, Ness and 9-Volt hugged and started crying, even some of the Snifits were in tears. Then, O' Chunks broke the silence. He shouted at Daisy, "You, Monster! The wee lad didn't deserve to go. Not like this, he didn't". Eventually, everyone in the castle was crying. Everyone except Daisy. "All is going according to plan" she murmed. Then, a shy guy yelled, "Your plan was to kill people! You told us it was to re-locate them!". Daisy simply remarked by saying, "Re-locating. To the UnderWhere!" She Smiled, but then she stopped, when she saw her shy guys walking toward the heroes. "What are you doing! Get back here, NOW!" She screamed. Then, a Shy Girl stated, "We don't do, dying, lady". Then, another white light appeared. Everyone stopped in there place. It was King Grambi! "I heard crying here, and guessed something was wrong" He said, calmly. "Well, King Grambi," Sandslash said, "That lady over there killed my brother. He did nothing wrong. She is in a quest for power, and killed him in it" He replied. Grambi looked to the by-standers "Is this true?" All 998,169,799,987 people said yes. Grambi checked Litle P's soul. "He appears to be innocent. He died saving his brother". Then, a blue blazing light appeared, and then, Grambi was gone. Litle P opened his eyes. According to a Shy Doc, he was still suffering from severe blood loss. Finally, everyone looked at Daisy. Even Bob did. Then, Bowser shouted the one thing everyone expected to hear. "ATTACK!!!!"

After Daisy was sent to the Underwhere, everyone came over to Litle P's house for cookies. "This, was one promise I shall never forget!" The young boy shouted. Everyone laughed.

The End Of the most homosexual story ever.

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