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The most violent chapter, to make this rated E, will be Here. do not click if you don't want spoilers. I'll move to the bottom when I get there.

Another Sidenote: All characters and bosses and such will be revealed here. Notice some will be listed before they appear in the story, so be careful when you click! Template:Maxfic Name given to me by Plumber, and it was his idea for me to post it. I thought I would never have to, and I'll try to skip most violent parts.

Villain Intro

The horde of Daisy's Troops. (incomplete; will expand as more are revealed in the story)

Chap. 1

"Mario! read-a the newspaper!" Luigi shouted. Mario read the headlines ""King and Queen of Gheal Killed, Daisy new Queen"" "Well, let's go tell Peach!" Luigi suggested. "Ok! Let's-a go!" When the to plumbers got there, they witnessed the start of a war. Snifits with Daisy Badges were carting out Toads in cages. The Mario Bros. watched horrified as Toadette, Toad, Toadsworth, and more were carted away. Mario and Luigi ran inside to find Peach in chains and crying.

Chap. 1

The badges are there...

Chap. 1 complete.

Chap. 2

"Princess! What's-a wrong?" both Bros. asked. "They... they..." Peach sobbed. "They what?" Mario wondered. "Meet me in Toad Town" Peach said "and please take the handcuffs off." "But Peach! With-a all those Snifits..." Luigi said, wishing not to have to save her. "They... They don't want humans..." Peach said "Look, meet me there, OK? I'll tell you then." And so, she left, leaving the brothers in the destroyed castle, haunted by the emptiness of the castle. "How could this happen? What do they want?" Luigi said, now crying "Who would take all these Toads! What will happen to them!". "It's OK, Luigi." Mario said assuringly "Let's go find Peach!" "OK" Luigi said, wiping off his tears.

Chap. 2 complete.

Chap. 3

Meanwhile, 9-Volt was enjoying a nice day playing Super Mario Galaxy, when he got mail. He raced outside, and found a letter from Kirby! It said to come to Toad Town, and spread it around to the other heroes. "Wow! Kirby called me a hero!" 9-Volt said "This is awesome! Uh... mom?" "Yes?" 5-Volt said. "Can I go to Toad town?" 9-Volt asked. "OK, but be back bye bedtime!" 5-Volt said cheerily. "Yes!" 9-volt copied the letter and stuck it in the mailbox on his way out.

Chap. 3 complete

Chap. 4

When he arrived in Toad Town, he noticed it was deserted. "Wha? uh... Kirby? Link? Fox?" 9-Volt said. He was lost, scared, and hungry. What was worse, he left his game on! "Over here!" a mystrerious voice called. "um... OK...". As he walked over, he saw countless heroes, and Peach! "I'm here! What's wrong?" 9-Volt asked. "9-Volt..." Peach couldn't finish. When she was about to finish, 2 Fly Snifits came in and captured 9-Volt! As he screamed for help, Kirby had a plan. He floated up to the Fly Snifit, and swallowed it. Then he shot it out at the other one! 9-Volt fell, but was then captured in a strange bubble. Shaped like a daisy! He floated toward a red Snifit, the largest of the group. "I'll be taking this one!" The Snifit said proudly "He'll be a real help in the Queen's plan!" "What plan?" 9-Volt asked. "Nevermind! Now, I'll give you to options. Either come with me, or die now" "aren't they the same?" 9-Volt smart-alecked. "I guess that's choice A" the Snifit, who revealed himself as The General, jumped into his balloon.

Chap. 4 complete

Chap. 5

When 9-Volt reached the creepy castle, he found it was patrolled by Snifits. he was then knocked unconsios by Bob. He woke up in a dank cage filled with Toads, Hylians, Pokemon, Kirby, and everything Non-Human he could think of, plus some. Daisy walked in and smirked at him. "You! You're the one who did this!" 9-Volt shouted. "Maybe I am, Maybe I'm not. What doyou think? Of course it was me!" Daisy laughed. "Why?" 9-Volt asked in a scared tone. "Because! If I'm going to get Humans here, They don't need to see Pikachus and Kirby everywhere!" Daisy said. Then she pressed a button, and the roof of the cage 9-Volt was in began to break. Quickly, he smashed through the roof and tossed out the Pokemon in the cage. But it was to late. "Well, what do we have?" Daisy smirked as the roof of the cage fixed itself "Now what will you do?". She was right. 9-Volt had to crouch to stand up. The roof woldn't stop!

Chap. 5 complete

Chap. 6

(For info about Litle P and Sandslash, go here)

"Man!" Sandslash shouted as he ran through the street "Is anyone here?". He then saw a Snifit. "That's wierd... What's a snifit doing here?" Sandslash asked himself. He ran to the castle to check on the princess. When he got there, there was a note. It said: I am gone. Be back later, OK? Great, thought Sandslash. "I'll come back later. hey, I'll see if the arcades open." He walked away.

As 9-Volt was being flattened, the world seemed to turn. 9-Volt fell through the hole in the cage's roof, and, half awake, he saw a clown-like figure holding him bye the hand, floating away. "It's OK. I've got you" he said. 9-Volt looked and saw a Pichu in the Clown's other hand. He looked frightened. "Here" the Pichu said "Want a berry?". "Um... Ok." 9-Volt replied. "I'm scared. Are you?" the Pichu asked. "Yes. I am." "Oh, yeah, I never introduced myself. I'm Litle P."

Chap. 6 complete

Chap. 7

"OK. I'll tell you the plan" Peach said to Mario and Luigi "We need your help"

OK, Daisy has put 12 Snifit Bases around Gheal, and every one is guarded by a villain. Sadly, when the base is safe, she plans on wasting them. We need to reruit them. After that, we free the inhabitants, who are being used to forcefully power the ships, and recruit them. Then, we go to The Headquarters and deal with The General. With him out of the way, we can get into Daisy's Castle, free those inhabitants, defeat Daisy, and end her vevil plan. We're letting everyone go to a different land than usual, depending on that villain's weaknesses. You two are to go to Jhoto, meet up with "S", who is saving anyone locked in Castle 1.

Chap. 7 complete

Chap. 8

Later, when everyone split up and only Mario, Luigi, and Peach were left, they heard whispering behind a bush. When Peach checked, she found 4 Toad kids and a Baby Toad. "Ah!" the 4 Toads screamed, and they ran into a destroyed house. When Peach went in, the 5 of them were on a broken bed, staring at a photo of 2 older Toads. Peach sat next to them. "Those were your parents, weren't they?" Peach asked the children. they turned to her "Yes." They all said "They were taken away by Shy Guys. This was our house." "Well," Peach added, "You can't stay here." "No, we can't" the kids replied. The baby started crying. Peach picked her up and rocked her to sleep. "I know where you can stay" Peach said as she laid the baby down "You can stay at Mario and Luigi's house!" "Really? It hasn't been attacked?" The kids were amazed. "Mario! Luigi!" Peach called. When they came in, she asked, "These poor kids can stay at your house for now, right?" "Okey-Dokey!" Luigi said, not giving Mario time to answer. "Great!" Peach said. And then she got an idea...

Chap. 8 complete

Chap. 9

Meanwhile, Link was walking through Dreamland, his assigned area, when he saw a Waddle Dee crying. Of course, Link ran over, to find that the Waddle Dee was the last in his village. Link remembered to take all survivors to the nearest painting. as the Waddle Dee walked away toward the painting, Link wondered if anyone else was there.

When Link got into the dark building, he was immediatly surrounded by hundreds of Waddle Dees. They showed him pictures which said that Daisy's troops came and kidnapped some members of the village. Then, Link noticed a painting on the wall. He told the Waddle Dees to jump in the painting, knowing it would lead to Mario's house, where Daisy would never look. After they went in, Link continued, going to save more lives.

Chap. 9 complete

Chap. 10

As Mario and Luigi flew to Jhoto on some friendy (not to mention huge) Butterfrees, the Butterfrees told them that, strangly, Wario was captring innocent Pokemon for the Master Laser. Mario and Luigi jumped off, thanked the Butterfree, and ran toward the ruins of the Eite Four building. However, on the way, they saw a group of Chimchars, who started attacking the Bros. Then, however, 3 Water-Types appeared and blasted them away. "Thank-you so much!" Mario said. "No Prob." Said the Squirtle, who seemed to be the leader. They walked away, leaving Mario and Luigi to think. "Mario? This is getting crazy!". The rest of the walk, which was from where Pallet Town ued to be, to the Elite Four, was no picnic. They spend the time fighting off Pokemon gangs, who seemed to be common in this region. After about 2 hours, they found it.

Chap. 10 complete

Chap. Intermission 1


(These take place with Daisy's Army as opposed to the Heroes. Every 10 chapters)
"Well Daisy?" Bob asked his leader, who was wondering the halls "What do you want now, Bob? It better not be bad news" Daisy snapped at him. "Well... It seems We've lost signals of Bowser, so we assigned Ganondorf to the Master Cannon. Is that acceptable?" Bob said, hoping to not strike her bad side. "Fine. But this plan better be ready by the end of Fall! I must have my new kingdom BY THIS WINTER! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!" Daisy said, obviously getting agrivated by this talk. "Y-y-yes, Daisy. All shall proceed as planned" Bob said rather fearfully. "Good. Now, LEAVE! I demand privacy" Daisy shouted "SO GET OUT!". After Bob had left, Daisy began to wonder if her plan was really going good. Just then, Bob popped in "Daisy! You have a visitor!" He said, getting the door unlocked. "Fine. But, 5 minutes! Then I want privacy!" She murmered. "5 minutes is all it shall take, my royalness" Bob said, assuringly. Then, someone walked in the room who made Daisy smile. a big smile. An evil smile.

End of Intermission

Chap. 11

By now, Mario's House was filling up fast. Peach could no longer keep everyone fed and healthy by herself. Luckily, Fox had dropped off a happy Pianta couple who were willing to help everyone. This gave Peach an idea. What if they got people to help her make the others feel at home? So, she allowed all the Piantas, Goonies, and some Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos, to help. Soon, the whole place was running smoothly. But there was still a matter of space. They couldn't fit everyone in Gheal into one house! Peach thought about it, looking around at all of the children, and the Piantas, and everyone else. She felt glad they all had enough trust in each other to avoid fighting.

Chap. 11 complete

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