Twilit by Proto Boshi
Sagaz drawn by Proto Boshi
Full Name Twilit
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Current Status Unknown
Class Villain
The Starcrashers
Family and Relations
The Starcrashers, Starlitians
Main Weapon(s) Various
Ability/ies Magic Powers, Technomagic
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga
Latest Appearance The Starcrashers

Twilit is the (secret) secondary antagonist of Mario & Luigi: The Shadow Saga. He came with the other Starcrashers and witnessed Sagaz and Eclipse being locked away. He then hid among the people of Twilight Town, waiting for The Shadow Guardians to set Sagaz and Eclipse free. After Sagaz and Eclipse returned and Eclipse was, yet again set free, Twilit met up with Sagaz and other Villains. He then captured Shrooz, but was stopped and captured within a mirror by the efforts of Yoshi and Shrooz. The mirror was then pieced together by Sagaz and Twilit went to the Shadow Castle, where he was once again defeated by Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. He currently resides in the Wiggler State Penitentiary.


Twilit sports a grey double-ended cap and a grey scarf. Like Sagaz and all the other twilitians, Twilit has his hands un-attached from his body. Twilit also sports a grey cloak with flesh-toned jagged outlining. Twilit also shares an appearance similar to that of Sagaz's. Twilit also has white eyes.