Twilight Town is a location in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Gradient Hue

In Gradient Hue, Twilight Town is a secret world in which is merely a cutscene entitled Linked Memories. In the cutscene, Axel, Roxas, and Xion from Kingdom Hearts are wandering around Twilight Town. Each one is slowly fading into invisibility. After they all disappear, a low-resolution video of a man pressing a button is displayed. The entire town of Twilight Town suddenly is encased in a time stop. Nightwolf, AntiWolf, and Crimson are all seen sitting on the clock tower. They all fizzle out. Shade and Kalico are seen combating Heartless in The World that Never Was, but this soon disappears. The final scene is of Gradient holding Bladion and the Keyblade.

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