Twilight Teddy: Dusk
Developer(s) Beanstalk Inc. Logo
Publisher(s) Beanstalk Inc. Logo
Platform(s) BeanstalkVerve
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
E10+, 12, A
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Twilightteddylogo
Media Included FantendiscBlackbutton
Twilight Teddy: Dusk is an all new video game coming to the Storybook, as well as the Wii U. A mini game will, however be avaliabe on the Verv Shop called Teddy Rockets. It will be developed and published by Beanstalk Inc. and will be the first title in the Twilight Teddy series, starring Twilight Teddy. The game will be released in winter 2014. It is a platformer with special puzzle rooms and brawler rooms.



Twilight Teddy: Dusk is an open-world 3D platformer comparable to Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie. The hub world is the town, and there are many openings that are avaliable. 3-5 doors are open at the same, allowing for choices. Completing missions will earn you credits to allow you to enter boss rooms.


Button Use
AbuttonWiiU Jump Button
BbuttonWiiU Run Button
XButton Punch Button
Ybuttonwiiu Twilight Sphere Button

16px-Wiimote Dpad1

Change the View
Circlepad Movement

Major Characters

Image Name Description Role
TwilightBearBPG Twilight Teddy The main hero of the story, Twilight Teddy, barges into action to save Gahala. He is shy but is willing to risk it all to help his love. He is very agile, but lacks physical strength. He is also very intellegent, and uses his Twilight abilities as a weapon. He turns to Midnight Grizzly when the sun goes down. Main Playable Character
Midnight Grizzly TBA Main Playable Character
Gahala TBA Damsel in Distress
Polar Bear King TBA Secondary Antagonist
Burglarking dusk Burglar King TBA Main Antagonist


Almost all the areas in this game are set in Twilia, Twilight Teddy's world. Outer space areas have been confirmed to appear. (Area key: L# = Level, B# = Brawl, P# = Puzzle, X=Boss)

Name Level # Description Twilight Treasure Boss
Monsoon Town L1 TBA Golden Autaquati Pearl The Panther
Vine Tower L2 TBA Mushroom Backpack Henrilda the Witch
Grizzlies Collide B1 TBA Emerald Button Old Smoky
The S.S. Scarberrow L3 Twilight Teddy adventures underneath the ocean in this level. His destination is a long lost sunken ship, in search of the Polar Bear King, who has second piece of the heart locket. This level has no ending of Puffvish, Sheetlings, or Octoks. As you progress through the level, you will explore the many rooms of the ancient ship, and the surrounding areas. Voodoo Octopus King Octopus
Where the Sun Don't Shine L4 TBA Ironclaw Shadow Queen
Masai's Mansion P1 A large mansion serving as a maze filled with Sheetlings and Skellines. There are a ton of optional puzzles avaliable to try for addition score points and money. Bucket Doll

Masai Blade


MidNightmare Mode


References to Other Media

  • Super Mario Bros. : The mushroom backpack has the same patterns as a Super Mushroom.
  • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time : The Shadow Queen appears as a boss.


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