Twilight Teddy
Only at dusk...
Current Age  ???
Gender Male
Species Tedd/Weregriz
Current Status Alive
Burglar King (Enemy)
First Appearance Twilight Teddy: Dusk
Latest Appearance Fantendo Kart Rhino
Twilight Teddy has the amazing powers of the night. He can also focus all his power and transform into his super form, Midnight Grizzly. He constantly tries to capture the Burglar King, and save the princess. So far, he's appeared in three games.


Twilight Teddy loves nature, and would never, ever, hurt it. This becomes a problem when he is transformed into his Midnight Grizzly form. He's always quite sad afterwords, seeing the trail of destruction. He's the top guard of the princess's town, so he's always alert. Exept around jelly beans. Twilight Teddy completely loses control when he spots a jelly bean, and goes after it. This could be his one weakness.


  • Twilight Teddy: Dusk
  • Fantendo Sports Rhino
  • Fantendo Kart Rhino
  • Bearpaw


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