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TwilightXDawn in a crossover RPG game developed by Vision Studios in junction with a few others. It features characters from the Dragon Quest (Warrior), Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Yo-Kai watch universes. You can choose a character from each respective universe or play as the original hero. The game was first announced at Fantendo Carnival Showcase in 2016.

Playable Characters

Final Fantasy

Characters Name First Appearance Description
Cloud Strife-0
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII (97) Former "soldier" of Shinra, he is very strong and uses Materia and his very large sword named "The Buster Sword".
Terra Final Fantasy 6 (94) ???
Lightning Final Fantasy XIII (09) ???

Dragon Quest (Warrior) characters

Character Name First Appearance Description
Erdrick/Loto/Roto/ Dragon Quest III (88) The male (Could also be female in the original game) hero of Dragon Quest 3. He saved his world from Baramos and Zoma at the age of 16. After that, he became the King of Romaly. He carries his trusty sword and shield with him and he's surprisingly a good healer for a warrior type.
Solo and Sofia
Solo(Male)/Sofia(Female) Dragon Quest IV (90) The main hero/heroine of Dragon Quest IV. After his/her village was destroyed, she/he set off to look for the chosen heroes and defeat the evil once and for all.
Jessica Albert Dragon Quest VIII (04) She is skilled with the whip and is a mage.


Characters Name First appearance Description Pokemon
Ash Ketchum Pokemon (Anime) (97) He's a Pokemon Master and travels all across the world. TBA
Sun(Male)/Moon(Female) Pokemon Sun & Moon (016) ??? TBA
Red Pokemon Green, Blue, Red and Yellow (96) Another Pokemon master and champion of the Kanto region. TBA

Yo-Kai Watch

Character Name First Appearance Description Yo-Kai
Yo-kai-watch-nate-katie-art 480.0
Nate(Male)/Kate(Female) Yo-Kai Watch (013) ??? TBA


Character Name Description
Hero ???
Mai ???
Issac ???


The game is an Action-RPG that plays similarly to Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest Heroes (With some RPG elements added in). It also takes some inspiration from Pokken Tournament but this is mostly used for the Pokemon and Yo-Kai creatures. Just like in most JRPGs, you level up over time with experience points. Your Pokemon evolve every 10 levels instead of the normal amount of levels it takes.

Most of the game takes place on a patch of islands. You have to find dungeons on this island to find the items your party is looking for. These items can give you new abilities which can make your party stronger. Items like Erdricks/Loto's Armour, Black Materia and later the eight melodies.

Taking some inspiration from Sonic Heroes, you can switch between characters in your party of 3/4. This can make for some very creative strategies in taking out enemies.




The game began development in late 2015 as a project for Pokemon and Dragon Quest's 20th and 30th anniversaries respectively. It was announced at the Fantendo Carnival Showcase in 2016 and later at a 9th anniversery showcase.



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