Twenty-Second Choice: Hostility is a card-based crossover fighting game developed by Twenty-Second Choice as a launch title for the Novaya, featuring characters from all of their series (and also introducing numerous new characters who receive their own series afterwards).


Character Cards

Four Character cards are in each deck, as the King of each suit. The same Character card may not be used twice (and the Character card being played as may not be present in the deck).

Series Name Description
Strafe Strafe A member of the Thieves Guild in Noah, and the son of the White Goddess, Micaliye. He wields his two pistols and an arsenal of other weaponry to fight for retribution in Noah and elsewhere.
Strafe Syria The bastard child of Strafe and Kireth, who was loved by her father regardless. She was stricken with the Rot at a young age, but concealed her face to continue her father's legacy after his death.
Strafe Silence The half-brother of Strafe, and a deity birthed of the White Goddess. He watches over Strafe's family and friends from a distance, even going so far as to become Syria's guardian after Strafe's passing.
Strafe Jeremy Coarson A thief who stole the power of reincarnation from the White Goddess, dooming him to an eternity of death and rebirth. Bitter due to being killed by Strafe, he attempted to seek vengeance twice.
Winged Nexus Demi TBA
Winged Nexus Presta TBA
Winged Nexus Ranai TBA
Winged Nexus Curse Vampire TBA
Vision Rabbit TBA
Kindle Aduro TBA
Sprout Spider TBA
Blood Trance Coronos Williams TBA
Blood Trance Paladia Viscoe TBA
Blood Trance Eira Caldwell TBA
Foregone Lisica TBA
Foregone Nullius TBA
Foregone Nathair TBA
Abstracted Planet Vassal TBA
Abstracted Planet Aurelia TBA
Abstracted Planet Mai TBA
Uchronie Q TBA
Golden Saviour Sotrios TBA
Fantendoverse Dare TBA
Hostility Corner TBA
Hostility Nava TBA

Freedom Cards

Four Freedom cards are in each deck, as the Ace of each suit. The same Freedom card may not be used twice.

Series Name Description
Strafe Winterblood Form The character becomes much faster, and all of their attacks are enhanced with Kai's ice-based magic.

Ability Cards

Forty-four Ability cards are in each deck, as the 2-10, Jack and Queen of each suit. Unlike Character or Freedom cards, multiple copies of the same Ability card may be re-used in a single deck.

Series Name Description Tier
Strafe Hand Cannon The character fires a single shot from a pistol. 1
Strafe Dragon Plush Toy The character throws a dragon plush toy, which explodes on contact with the enemy or after a few seconds. 2
Strafe Shotgun The character fires a single shotgun blast. 2
Strafe Sniper Rifle The character fires a powerful shot from a Sniper Rifle. 3
Golden Saviour Midas Touch The enemy is turned into gold for a few seconds. 3


The game is a third-person fighter, similar to the Soul Calibur series but with elements inspired by the Super Smash Bros. series.

Before each match, as well as choosing a Character card to play as, each player must select a deck or assemble their own. A deck is comprised of four Character cards (one for each suit), four Freedom cards, and 44 Ability cards. Completing combos earns a number of Freedom points proportional to the length of the combo and the amount of damage dealt, which goes towards filling the Freedom bar, which is composed of five tiers. At any point, the player can choose to draw and use a card from the deck of whatever suit they currently have selected at the cost of their Freedom bar; at tiers 1, 2 and 3 an Ability card of the same level will be drawn. At tier 4, a Character card will be drawn. At tier 5, a Freedom card will be drawn. After drawing a card, the Freedom bar is emptied entirely (even if it was filled above the Tier of the card drawn, but not enough to reach the next Tier).

Ability cards are the most varied, but generally are only slightly more powerful than the standard attacks a character is able to perform (although their strength increases based on the tier of the card). When a Character card is used, the character will either perform a powerful attack or briefly fight alongside the player, based on the card. Freedom cards are the most powerful, often granting temporary buffs to the character or performing extremely powerful moves.

Every card has minor changes based on the suit they are in, with the differences being most noticeable in Character and Freedom cards.


  • D-Pad/Left Analog Stick: Move/Crouch
  • Right Analog Stick: Rotate camera
  • A: Jump
  • X: Light Attack
  • Y: Heavy Attack
  • B: Use Card
  • R1: Block
  • L2/R2: Cycle left/right through suits (Hearts → Diamonds → Clubs → Spades)

Game Modes

There are two game modes: Story, and Free Play. In Story, the player goes through the story of the game, set in the world of Verus. Free Play allows a match to be played at any time, and also has all cards available from the start (and a large selection of pre-made decks, if players do not wish to have to create their own deck before they begin playing). Free Play can be played against an AI of varying difficulties (Practice, Easy, Medium, Hard, Hostile), or another player via local or online multiplayer.

Within both of these game modes, are various different rule sets. These are:

  • Standard: A standard game, with the typical deck format.
  • Tag: Similar to Standard, but Character cards behave differently: rather than have the character briefly appear to assist, when a Character card is used the character will instead become playable and the previous playable character will take their position within the deck. When a character is defeated, another Character card can be drawn immediately. The game ends once all of one player's Character cards have been defeated.
  • Cardless: The card system becomes incredibly simplified: the Freedom bar is reduced to four tiers, suits are removed, and each of the tiers correspond to specific cards based on the character being played as.


In the world of Verus, the trading card game Hostility is incredibly popular; because of the magic in them, when the cards are used the characters on them appear and begin to fight. The Player is a participant in the World Hostility Tournament, where players from all over the world gather to play against each other, and gather all of the Badges.


  • Beginner's Badge
  • Hearts Badge
  • Diamonds Badge
  • Clubs Badge
  • Spades Badge
  • Champion Badge

Series Referenced

Downloadable Cards

The main game is planned to only feature 40 Character cards, 50 Freedom cards, and 150 Ability cards. However, available from the Novaya Store and the Choice Store are a number of downloadable cards, available either by themselves or as part of themed expansions.

Also available for download are reskinned cards, which are Character cards which are functionally identical to existing cards but have a different appearance.

Character Cards

Series Name Description
Strafe Ida TBA
Strafe Greyleaf TBA
Strafe Miauseo TBA

Freedom Cards

Series Name Description

Ability Cards

Series Name Description Tier

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