Twelve Tales Conker DS
Developer(s) Toucan
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
Single player


Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D platformer
Media Included Nintendo DS card (512MB)

Twelve Tales Conker DS is a Nintendo DS game developed by Toucan and published by Nintendo in 2009. It is a port of the unreleased Nintendo 64 game, Twelve Tales Conker 64, starring Conker and Berri.


Twelve Tales plays like most platformers, Conker and Berri have to complete various tasks to get Golden Acorns. They'll have to use their abilities to get all of them.


  • DScontrolpad - Move
  • DSBbutton - Jump
  • DSBbutton, DSBbutton - Hover
  • DSYbutton - Tail swipe, hold to run faster
  • DSXbutton and DSAbutton - Rotate camera
  • DSRbutton - Center camera
  • DSLbutton - Duck
  • DSBbutton, DSLbutton - Stomp
  • DSLbutton+DSBbutton - High jump
  • DSLbutton+DSAbutton - Dig underground
  • DSLbutton+DSYbutton - Use slingshot
  • Start - Pause game
  • Select - First person view


  • Adventure - The main mode of the game where Conker and Berri have to get back the Golden Acorns.
  • VS. - Battle with up to four players.

Playable characters


  • Conker
  • Berri

VS. only

  • Timber
  • Bumper
  • Drumstick
  • Honker


  • Golden Acorns - Collect these to have access to the other worlds.
  • Acorns - These will replenish health.
  • Conkers - These can be used as ammo for Conker's slingshot. You can find conkers on the ground or in trees if you shake them.
  • Conker Trophy - A trophy in the shape of Conker. Collect these for an extra life.


Willow Woods

Mushroom Town

Sea Shell Shores

Crystal Caverns

More coming soon!



  • When the player leaves the game idle, Conker will take out his DS and play Mario Kart DS.
  • Despite being the sequel to Conker's Pocket Tales, Conker has his hoodie from Conker's Bad Fur Day.

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