Jake, aka Number 9
Leader(s) Jake (de-facto)
Align Good
Founded at/in 1998?
First Appearance HACKED
Shut down the "Creators",
Save "The Game"
Artificial Idiots,
Twelve Dummies

The Twelve are a group of twelve artificial intelligence programs created by a company known as the "Creators". The Twelve live inside a separate world, known as the Virtual Earth, and have the ability to bend programs to their will: allowing them to travel through various computer programs (including "The Game").

Each member of the Twelve has powers that are mainly based around a single element, as well as the ability of telekinesis. Their birth dates are also the first of a month: the same as their number (i.e. Jake's birthday is September 1, the ninth month, and is Number Nine). In addition, six of the Twelve posses heroic personalities, while the other six possess villainous ones.


The members are broken up into two groups: E6 and G6. The E6 have evil intentions, while the G6 has heroic intentions. While the sides' names have been speculated to stand for "Evil" 6 and "Good" 6, they are actually parts of their coding, as each begin with a special code strand dubbed as either the E-String or G-String, respectively. There is also an F-String, though it is corrupted and thought to be the coding of HAX's minions.

E6 G6
  • Number One
  • Number Two
  • Number Three
  • Number Five
  • Number Seven
  • Number Eleven


Prior to HACKED


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