Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Current Status Alive(?)
Koopa Troop
Main Weapon(s) Chain Chomps
Vulnerable To All Body
First Appearance Paper Mario
Tutankoopa is an ancient Koopa who debuted in Paper Mario.  He is found in the pyramid of Dry, Dry Ruins.


He is notable for his pharaoh complex, his magic abilities (such as shattering into fragments at will, leaving only his eyes and crown visible), and his heavy association with Chomps. His name is based on the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Tutankhamun. Though it is unknown whether he is truly a ghost or not, it is known that he serves the Koopa Troop in the present day.

In Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, Tutankoopa is the boss of the Dry Dry Ruins and the guardian of Mamar the Star Spirit. When Mario and his partners enter the Dry Dry Ruins, Tutankoopa's voice can be heard warning them to run away. He continues to deliver such warnings as the heroes progress through the ruins, losing his cool and starting to shout frantically when they approach the Super Hammer. Cortez uses similar warnings in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Mario and co. finally reach the Koopa's room, where he summons his pet Chomp. He then continues to attack the heroes by throwing shells at them and summoning an outline of an Chomp (mysteriously solid) to fall on them. At first he stands on a high ledge, so that he may only be hit by aerial attacks. However, after enough damage has been dealt, he messes up his Chomp spell and uses it on himself, injuring him and causing him to fall to the ground, making him vulnerable to ground attacks.

After a long battle, the team is able to defeat the Koopa pharaoh. He is then attacked by his own Chomp and chased out of the ruins.

In the ending parade of Paper Mario Tutankoopa can be seen, still being chased by his Chomps.

Fanon Game Apperances

Wario & Waluigi: Golden Pyramid Raid

He is the game's final boss.  He can summon chain chomps, fire lasers from his eyes, and throw spiked balls at the Wario Bros.  Not only that, he can teleport, fire magic blasts, and hurl boulders. Bowser can throw Orbs towards you so you can transform and hit Tutankoopa.  After twelve hits he gives out and causes the pyramid to self destruct.  It is unknown what became of him next.

Super Mario 3D: Elemental Chaos

Tutankoopa makes his second appearance in this 3D game. He is the boss of World 6, Quicksand Dunes. His appearance is made into 3D and modified slightly.

Super Mario - Time's at Stake!

Tutankoopa makes his appearance in this game as the second mini-boss of Desert World. He is just as powerful as he was in Paper Mario, with a few new attacks. Luigi's Tell Ability for him is: "This mummy of Dry Dry Desert returns to give Mario some vengeance for his own chomp attacking him. He's rather cool though."