Turtle Legion: Extreme Turtlification is a 2016 fighting game developed by Slapstick Games for the Wii U. It is centered around a fighting league in which people use different colored turtles to fight each other.


The hub world is Turtle Legion Headquarters, in which the player (who gets to customize their character at the start of the game) can access the Turtle Store, where, for points, they can purchase different turtles. They can also access the Fighting Ring, where they fight random CPUs with randomly chosen turtles. When you win a fight, you get points, depending on the difficulty of the fight. You start out the game with Turtle White, but once you get points you can purchase more turtles. You can only have up to three turtles in your inventory at a time, and you can only use one per battle. If your turtle dies, you must buy a new one to replace it. There is also an Online Mode, where you can battle friends and strangers over the internet.


The players start in a 3D environment, a big stage with a large crowd gathered around. They choose their turtles before the battle, and can walk around the ring. They can use the character to cast different elemental spells, firing a beam of colored energy (which is the same color as the turtle used) which has a different effect depending on the turtle. The turtles are used as weapons, being held by the player and being used to fire the elemental beams at the opponent. Both fighters have equal health bars, which go down with each attack. Whoever loses all their health first loses, and their turtle dies.


  • Turtle White - The default turtle, which is capable of casting light spells. It's beam has no special effect beyond just slightly hurting the enemy, It is the cheapest kind of turtle in the Turtle Store.
  • Turtle Scarlet - A turtle capable of casting fire spells. It's beam causes a burning effect, creating flames over the enemy which keep hurting them for a few seconds before going away.
  • Turtle Gold - A turtle capable of casting lightning spells. It's beam temporarily stuns the opponent.
  • Turtle Silver - A turtle capable of casting wind spells. It's beam sends the opponent flying back.
  • Turtle Emerald - A turtle capable of casting nature spells. It's beam causes vines to appear over the opponent, temporarily slowing them down.
  • Turtle Turquoise - A turtle capable of casting water spells. It's beam temporarily causes the opponent to slip and fall whenever they move.
  • Turtle Rainbow - A turtle capable of casting any of the above spells at random. It is the most expensive kind of turtle in the Turtle Store.


  • The salesman at the Turtle Store is a yellow stick figure with a beard and a white T on his chest. This is an homage to Hard Willy, the main character of Slapstick Games' previous game, Hard Willy: XL Edition.


A spin-off for the Nintendo 3DS, entitled Turtle Legion Portable, is currently under development at Slapstick Games.

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