(DO NOT EDIT) Turok: Rebirth is a First-Person Shooter for the Wii U developed by Retro Studios and Exclaim Studios Austin and co-Published by Exclaim Entertainment and Nintendo. This game is the 2nd reboot of the Turok games but is more like a reunion of them. The game follows on after the events of Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. The game is unique for being a shooter with differant gameplay for each character.


About 2 years after Joshua Fireseed's Death and Oblivion's defeat, the 2 current Turoks, Danielle FIreseed and Joseph Fireseed find a way to Rebirth Joshua and make him Turok again, they make a Recipe and find Joshua's Dead body. After that, Joshua Fireseed is alive and well, but Danielle and Joseph managed to revive Tal'Set as well, but what the heroes do not know is that Captain Tobias Bruckner, The Campaigner, Primagen and Oblivion have been revived, too. and its up to Tal'Set, Joshua, Danielle and Joseph to stop them before they destroy the world.




  • Tal'Set (his levels are based in the jungle, has weapons from Turok Evolution and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter)
  • Joshua Fireseed (his levels are Water and flying based, bust also ground, Weapons from Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil)
  • Joeseph Fireseed
  • Danielle Fireseed


  • The Campaigner and Captain Tobias Bruckner (Main Antagonists of Tal'Set's Story)
  • Primagen (Main Antagonist of Joshua's Story)
  • Oblivion (secondry Antagonist in Joshua's Story, Main antagonist in Joseph and Danielle's stories)

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