Turnof is Nado's biggest rival, and is a master of Thunder. He, unlike many villains, have high sportsmanship when it's come about sports or competitions. Otherwise his goal is to cause troubles to anyone, and creates his two type of henchmen: Waddlebots and Robolt Bros.


He is somewhat intelligent, but incompetant. Although have high sportsmanship, he hates losing because he don't know how did he loses, except if he lost to cheater like Waluigi. He is also a bit crazy, explaining either spoken a quite too quickly or just his maniacal laugh. He will not team up with someone he hates unless something in perils happens, like when the Minigame Master turned snapped.


He is red and a bit taller than Nado. Like Nado, he have stribes but is yellow instand of sky blue, matching his electric power. He have also a spike on his head, makes him immune against stomps. His eyes color are brown, but this brown is so dark that it can be easily mistaken for the color black. Unlike Nado, his face is red like his body.


He can throw Thunder Balls. When he gets a Thunder Flower, he becomes Archa Turnof. He becomes more spider like and gain the ability to climb up wall. He can also run at electric speed at up to 2150 miles per hours. He is slighty stronger than Nado when it's about strengh.

Game Apprearences:

Super Sam Squad 2: Mas Crisis

Like Nado, he introduced in this game. He is the 8th Castle Boss of the game. He have two phrases. In the first one, you have to avoid his attacks and after he launched a Giant Thunder Ball, he become tired, giving you a chance to hit him with a Throw Block. After three hits, he become Archa Turnof. To beat him in this form, you need to counter him with Bob-Ombs he threw. After five hits, he turned back into his original form and surrunder.

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