• The first witness which is an old man wearing tattered clothes and carrying a bag full of vegetables comes into the court and stands at the witness stand.*

Nabihan: Witness, state your name and occupation.

Farmer ……

Nabihan: *slams his desk with the palm of his hand* Witness, will you state your na-


Nabihan: *backed off by the sudden shout* Nnnggh!

Farmer: I can't believe even a handsome, cute, young and hardworking boy like you COULD HAVE FORGOT SUCH MANNERS TO YOUR ELDERS!

Zun Sian: *feels very annoyed* (Way to go pretty boy. You just made another of your so-called customers mad.)

Nabihan: ……*speechless*

Lord Tijus: Nabihan!

Nabihan: ! Will the witness state his name and occupation…please?

Farmer: *blowing off steam from his ears but soon cools down with a breath of fresh air* The name's Uncle Jermer but you can call me Ol'Mer.

Zun Sian: *rubs his chin* Umm..can you repeat your name again?

Ol'Mer: Uncle Jermer but call me Ol'Mer. I bet it's easy for you to remember it since it's just a six letter name there me boy!

Zun Sian: (Six!? More like a five. Did this old man ever counts his crops properly?)

Ol'Mer: So then, Your Honor, what can I do to lend such an old hand here?

Lord Tijus: *feels quite surprised* O-oh! W-well, you're here because you claimed that you saw something at the time of the murder, didn't you?

Ol'Mer: Yes! Though in my old fuzzy head, I might have made a mistake on what I was seeing.

Nabihan: Then we will fix that mistake into true reality Mr.Ol'Me-


Farmer Ol'Mer suddenly takes out a pumpkin from his bag and throws it into Nabihan's desk as it breaks creating quite a mess on his desk.

Nabihan: Waaaaagh! M-m-my-


Zun Sian: *pissed off by what he sees* (It's more as if Nabihan is getting tortured by a country bumpkin. Poor pretty boy.)

  • BAM*

Lord Tijus: All right that's enough Farmer Ol'Mer. Let us hear your testimony.

Witness Testimony: Something Fishy Part 1

Ol'Mer: Ok, so it all happened de well yesterday evening after harvestin my precious crops. I was gonna return home early from work. But just as I was about to pass that gold ol Imperial Armory, I smelt something fishy. A smell like a fish being caught as the bait and because of that, I felt very suspicious about that smell so I did a quick check on the Imperial Armory. And then, that's when I saw it. The pools of bloods on the floor, they were everywhere in and out of that shed! It was horrifying indeed.

Lord Tijus: …So this fishy smell, was the blood from the crime scene?

Ol'Mer: Righto Lighto! It all came from that stinkin shed anyways.

Zun Sian: *shocked to hear such criticism* (It doesn't even smell that bad…well….not REALLY bad….)

  • BAM*

Lord Tijus: All right, the defense may begin the cross-examination. Oh and Zun.

Zun Sian: Yes, Your Honor?

Lord Tijus: Don't forget to check your Court Record on the evidence you received.

Zun Sian: Right, Your Honor. (Ok, Court Record, checking it now and......done.)

Cross Examination: Something Fishy Part 1

Ol'Mer: Ok, so it all happened de well yesterday evening after harvestin my precious crops. I was gonna return home early from work. But just as I was about to pass that gold ol Imperial Armory, I smelt something fishy.


Zun Sian: Did you see anything else fishy, other than the smell?

Ol'Mer: Nope, but I did see a few horses though boy.

Zun Sian: Wait, horses? *rubs his chin*

Ol'Mer: There were three horses. One grey, de other were ugly brown like mud.

Zun Sian: B-but not one else mentioned me about the horses.


Nabihan: Did I give you the reports of the crime scene?

Zun Sian: Reports? *checks Court Record* U-u-umm no!

Nabihan: *shakes his head slowly* Heh, you could have asked one when you had your little time. Here. *throws the report to Zun Sian*

Zun Sian: *catches it* Ah, thank you. (For giving me a lesson on note yourself for evidence. Ugh.

  • Crime Scene Report added to Court Record as evidence*

Zun Sian:*looks into it* ...Aaaaagh! *surprised* Horse shoes!?

Nabihan: That is true. What the witness has stated, it is definitely true. There were horses at the Imperial Armory but too bad we can't identify them.

Lord Tijus: Ah, I understand. Continue please.

  • To be continued in progress*

______________COURT RECORD________________

1. Attorney Badge Desc: A badge to show that the person is a defense attorney.

2. Crime Scene Report Desc: A report on the crime scene. The victims, Sir Karavan, believed to be sliced on the head by the murder weapon, and Lt.Crash Vin were found dead inside the Imperial Armory. Pools of bloods were found scattering around the room with the killer's footprints.

3. Rose Of Valour Desc: Believed to be the murder weapon and Yuki's sword. No ordinary beings can carry it and it can cut anything clean and smooth.

4. Ah Dien Statue Desc: The hands of the sculpture were covered in bloods. It was believed that it has nothing to do with the case. The sculpture functions to hold, carry and lift weapon for work.

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