Location: Dragon Justice Courtroom, Jang Castle, Linu Province. Time: Taking place in an earlier era, evening. Summary: Yuki Atasi was suspected to be responsible for the murder of General Sir Karavan and his favourite lieutenant, Lt.Crash Vin. The scene of the murder took place in the Imperial Armory where all the weapons there have been stored and repaired...or hidden. A few witnesses were sent to the court to tell their testimonies about the scene of the murder they witnessed and thought in front of the Lord Tijus, also known as The Dragon Justice, known for his wisdom and the remarkable ability to see right and wrong. He is also alert at all times and known for practicing his fighting skills during his free time. Anyway, is it true that Yuki Atasi was the one who killed both the general and the lieutenant? Or did someone mistaken him as a murderer? Only when all of the broken pieces of this case have been found and fixed with or without perfection.

  • BAM* *BAM* *BAM*

Lord Tijus: Today is the case where our cunning and devious warrior was suspected on murdering General Sir Karavan and his lieutenant, Lt.Crash Vin. Their bodies were found at the Imperial Armory. The defendant, Yuki Atasi, is suspected to be the murderer. The murder weapon is yet to be known so I would like to call in the defense attorney and the prosecutor.

Defense Attorney: Zun Sian

Zun Sian: (I know you are innocent Yuki. You may be a shadow to everyone but inside it you really are innocent. I...I will try my best to help you) The defense attorney is ready, Your Honor!

Prosecutioner: Nabihan Oza

Nabihan: The ready, Your Honor.

Lord Tijus: Very well then. Nabihan, state the court about the day of the murder.

Nabihan: Very well then. Ladies and gentleman, during the day of the murder General Sir Karavan was seen entering the Imperial Armory. At the same time, his lieutenant was guarding the front door of the Imperial Armory. Later, a farmer was passing by the Imperial Armory when he smelled blood from there. When he opened...he found both, General Sir Karavan and Lt.Crash Vin...DEAD IN A POOL OF BLOOD!

The crowds were surprised as they whispered about the murder case.

Lord Tijus: I see. And who said that the Yuki was responsible for this, Nabihan?

Nabihan: All three of our witnesses, though two of them were quite unsure about the murderer.

Lord Tijus: And what about the evidence?

Nabihan: The evidence we managed to find is a small quantity yet decisive. It is Yuki's one and only sword, Rose Of Valour. We also managed to discover that one of the victims died due to the slice on the head which was General Sir Karavan. However, we are unsure about how did the lieutenant die without any loss.

Lord Tijus: Any loss?

Nabihan: He was killed without even getting a wound open or a blood out. The only thing that proves his dead is his pulse are not reacting and no air comes out of the mouth. That is what the investigators confirmed.

Lord Tijus: Hmm....indeed.

Nabihan: Your Honor, it is to my decision to say that the Rose Of Valour was the murder weapon of this case.


Zun Sian: The scene of the murder took place in the Imperial Armory. Any of the weapons there can be the murder weapon.

Nabihan: *Shooks head* Zun, there is no common soldier weapons that could cut a human head with a clean and straight slice. Therefore, only a sword with the finest forging and the rarest material could perform such a kill.

Zun Sian: !!

Yuki: Nabihan, to be honest, I did not kill the two victims. I swear with my heart, my life and my soul in it.

Nabihan: Hmph, words can't be trusted until a proof or an evidence is shown. Your weapon cannot be carried by an ordinary man. Only you were able to wield such a thing.

Yuki: Hmm...true. But if it's so heavy, why push yourself to the limits? Just use something that could carry a heavy object. For example, we used horses or elephants to carry our supplies here and there, so why not the Rose Of Valour too, young man?

Nabihan: Ah!!! Um...right. *sweats a bit with teeth grinning*

Lord Tijus: Well, the defense and the prosecutor both have a point. Just because you see a weapon that is out of the box doesn't mean you just tell it straightaway without any examinations or investigations. But as the prosecutor said, it would be impossible for an ordinary human to wield a sword...unless you use something to carry it for an execution. This is quite trivial indeed.

Nabihan: I don't think so, Your Honor.

Zun Sian: *Sweating* (Ugh, you are such a sly one are you Nabihan?)

Lord Tijus: Anyway, let's call our first witness to the stand to testify the testinomy.

Zun Sian: (I have experience in this ever since two years ago. Hope I don't screw this one.)

Nabihan: The prosecutor calls for the first witness.

  • To be continued in the next part*

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