Turnabout Returns
Trial data

June. 19

Courtroom No.


Presiding judge


Defense team leader

Phoenix Wright

Defense team assistants

Apollo Justice


Fredrick Payne Jr.


Maya Fey


Ivory Killiner

Time of death

3:58 p.m.

Weapon/cause of death

Blunt trauma causing lung to collapse


Not Guilty

Pearl Fey

Henrietta Dyers

Defendant Lobby. 1
Attorney's Badge

Ivory's Autopsy Report
Kurain Ceremony Floorplans
Crime Photo 1
Ami Fey Golden Statue
Ivory's Magatama
Crime Photo 2

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Theirs something about be in this courtroom... That makes me feel like i'm doing the right thing.
Phoenix Wright

Turnabout Returns is the first episode of the video game Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Crucible Of Court.The player takes the role of Phoenix in his first case since his disbarment. Phoenix Wright defends his best friend Maya Fey, from the charge of Ivory Killiner's murder. Like all the first cases in the series to date, their is no investigation stage, only a court trial.



A young woman is standing around in a large hall. She looks around and finds a dead body lying on the floor and screams. Another girl comes rushing in and screams at the dead body too. She begins to contact the police and Maya Fey is accused for disappearing when the murder happened and appearing afterwards.


Before The Trial

Phoenix arrives at the courtroom with his assisstant, Apollo Justice, for the first time since his disbarment and he's a nervous wreck, however Apollo insists you can do this saying 'this is an easy case'. After that Phoenix's client, Maya Fey, arrives in a nervous wreck as well thinking Phoenix doesn't remember how to defend in court but Phoenix insists her does, even though in his head he know he doesn't.


The triall then begins and the judge asks if the defense is ready, but Phoenix doesn't know what how to reply. The judge then asks if we do have the real Phoenix Wright and not a phony and asks to see Phoenix's attorney's badge. Apollo tells Phoenix you just have to look inside the Court Record and present the Attorney's Badge, the judge will then be satisfyed.

Afterwards the prosecutor, Fredrick Payne, mentions that the murder victim was a woman named Ivory Killiner who is a spirit channeling student at Kurain Village, murdered after the Kurain Ceremony. Fredrick will present Ivory's Autopsy Report saying that blunt tramus caused her lung to collapse, ultimatley leading to her death. She was also covered in wounds. Fredrick Payne Jr. then shows where Ivory died on the Kurain Ceremony Floorplans and a photo of the Kurain Ceremony two minutes before the murder. These pieces of evidence will then be added to the Court Record. Lastly, Fredrick Payne will add that a Kurain Ceremony Invitation was found in Ivory's clothes. This will then be added to the Court Record.

The judge will then ask for Fredrick's first witness and Fredrick Payne Jr. will then call Pearl Fey to take the stand.

Pearl will then testify about after the Kurain Ceremony. Apollo tells Phoenix about how to Cross-Examine Pearl and Phoenix soon finds out that the only thing inside the ceremony hall was the Ami Fey Golden Statue. Fredrick adds that their were dents found on the statue but no one knows what they are from. This statue will then be added to the Court Record. Another contradiction then arises when Pearl says Maya disappeared somewhere and on the Kurain Ceremony Invitation, it says that Maya was holding a special conference after the ceremony for all Kurain students.

Pearl will then remember about the special conference and testify about it. After the testimony Maya whispers to Phoenix that everything Pearl said is correct, but maybe you can figure out what the loud noise that came from the ceremony hall is by presenting evidence. Phoenix finds out that the loud noise was from the Ami Fey Golden Statue when Ivory's was pushed into it and subsequently died. 

The judge then calls for Pearl to leave the stand but Fredrick asks for Pearl to testify about one more thing. What happened when she arrive at the ceremony hall after the loud noise. 

After Pearl gives her testimony, Apollo questions that something must've moved inside the room and insists Phoenix find it out. Pearl testifies that nothing changed inside the room but if that were true she would have immeadiately seen the body, yet she didn't, because the Ami Fey Golden Statue.

The judge then insists that the witness stand down and the nest witness should take the stand. Henrietta Dyers will then take the stand and testify about what she saw.

Henrietta's testimony is lousy and doesn't tell much but Phoenix notices something wrong with Henrietta herself, she arrived at the ceremony after the ceremony had finished, but she is a Kurain student meaning she should have been their the entire night.

Phoenix then accuses Henrietta, making her mad, of killing Ivory and, after her testimony about her alibi, Phoenix learns she was their eight minutes before the murder. Henrietta insists that she was waiting out the front for ten minutes though however, that's impossible because a photo of the crime scene at 3:56 shows no one out the front of the building.

This begins to make Henrietta extremely mad but Fredrick says that Henrietta wouldn't kill her best friend, their is not motive for her to kill her. Phoenix present's Ivory's Magatama which instantly makes Henrietta madder. Phoenix suggests that Henrietta was jealous of Ivory getting special attention. 

But Henrietta still insists that even if she wanted to kill Ivory, she couldn't bring herself to do it. Phoenix knows that's a lie, proved by a photo of Ivory's wounds, however Fredrick insists that the killer did that and the killer isn't Ivory. However something with the photo is wrong. The timestamp is from two months ago, and Henrietta says she's been friends with Ivory for three months.

Henrietta finally blows her top and let's out all the rage she's had against Ivory and how jealous of her she was of her and why she killed her and about her anger problems. Apollo congratulates Phoenix for figuring out what really happened and for saving Maya. The judge then finds Maya Fey, not guilty.


In the defendant lobby, Maya thanks Phoenix and forgives about her doubt on him but it's not before long until Apollo announces that he must leave Phoenix for personal reasons. After Apollo leaves Phoenix and Maya soon leaves the courthouse, friends again.

Case Details


Mugshot Name Description
Apollo Justice My new assisstant who saved me during my disbarment.
MayaFey Maya Fey My best friend and defendant for this case. She's the master of Kurain.
Winston Payne T&T Mugshot SD
Fredrick Payne Jr. An experienced prosecutor who tends to be brief with his statements.

Ivory Killiner

A Kurain spirit channeling student who Maya is very fond of.
Pearl Fey Maya's spirit channeling cousin. Found Ivory's dead body.
100px-0,71,0,70-Penny Nichols Mugshot SD
Henrietta Dyers An early student of Kurain. Ivory's best friend who contacted the police about her death.


  • Pearl Fey
  • Henrietta Dyers


Picture Name Type Obtained Description
Attorney's Badge Other One of Wright's possesions My all-important badge. It shows that I am a defense attorney.
Autopsy report
Ivory's Autopsy Report Report Received during the preliminary hearing 3:58 p.m. June. 18 Blunt trauma causing lung to collapse. Wounds on body.
Generic Photo
Kurain Ceremony Floorplans Maps Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Payne Jr. Floorplans for the Kurain Ceremony where Ivory was murdered
Generic Photo
Crime Photo 1 Photographs Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Payne Jr. A photo of the Kurain Ceremony. Taken at 3:56. Maya can be seen with a knife.
Kurain Ceremony Invitation Document Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Payne Jr. An invitation to the Kurain Ceremony. Given to all invitees.
Ami Fey's statue
Ami Fey Golden Statue Other Given during Pearl Fey's testimony A statue of the founder of Kurain spirit channeling. Dents found on it.
Magatama 2
Ivory's Magatama Other Given during Pearl Fey's testimony Ivory's very own magatama. It was a special gift from Maya.
Generic Photo
Crime Photo 2 Photographs Submitted as evidence by Prosecutor Payne Jr. A picture showing the wounds on Ivory's face.


  • Defendant Lobby. 1


  • At the start of the trial when the judge asks 'if we have the real Phoenix Wright and not some phony', he is referencing the time when a phony took his place as a defense attorney in Recipe For Turnabout

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