Turnabout Families
Trial data

Jul 20-23

Courtroom No.


Defense team leader

Phoenix Wright

Defense team assistants

Maya Fey


Claudia Burwell


Eve Wright


Derrick Wright

Time of death


Weapon/cause of death



Not Guilty

Pearl Fey

Horus Hazan
Ferris Wheeler

Ace Attorney Agency

Detention Center
Wayward Avenue
Wright Townhouse
Crims Park
Wheeler Townhouse

Attorney's Badge

Crime Photo
Eve's Shoe
H-0.1 File
Maya's Magatama
Dennis's Autopsy Report
Silenced Pistol
Surveillance Van
Brown Beanie
Van Records

This case is currently in development. The case is playable here, however is not completed yet.
Don't you think it's a bad idea defending someone this close to you?... What if you lose?
Maya Fey

Turnabout Families is the second episode in the video game Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Crucible Of CourtPhoenix Wright must defend his mother, Eve Wright, from the accusations of killing her husband and Phoenix's father, Derrick Wright.

Jul. 20

Maya Fey and Pearl Fey are visiting Phoenix due to the grand opening of the succesor to Wright & Co. Law Offices, Ace Attorney Agency. During the celebrations, two mysterious people enter, at least mysterious to Maya and Pearl but to Phoenix, they are his parents. 

Maya and Pearl are shocked to finally meet his parents, Eve and Derrick Wright, and they invite the three to their house, which Phoenix is pushed into by Maya and Pearl. 

The night gets late and the three end up sleeping at Phoenix's parents house.

Jul. 21


Very early in the morning, Phoenix, Maya and Pearl are awoken by a loud bang. Knowing danger might be lurking, Phoenix and Maya head downstairs leaving Pearl safely Upstairs. 

When Phoenix and Maya eventually make their way downstairs they find Eve Wright crying over Derrick's dead body which shocks Phoenix and Maya.

The police soon arrive and arrest Eve, however Phoenix insists that he will defend her and she will be alright. Eve then disappears with the police.

Phoenix and Maya sleep at the Ace Attorney Agency and immeadiately head to the Detention Center. They ask Eve a few questions and she proclaims her innocence, but chokes up about a startling question about what Eve and Dennis were doing whilst Phoenix was working as an attorney.

Phoenix and Maya head to Wright Townhouse and run into the lead detective, Aaron O'Marley. He says he used to be a fan of his family until an incident which is confidential. He says that they found decisive evidence against Eve as well as other evidence.

Inside Wright Townhouse, the two search for evidence which they quickly find. They then head upstairs and Maya gets mad that Phoenix left Pearl here. She unfortunately isn't allowed downstair for legal reasons so she's held upstairs until Dennis's body leaves the area. Phoenix suspects Pearl of lying after he asks her a couple questions.

Phoenix then heads back to the Ace Attorney Agency to retrieve Maya's Magatama so he can question Pearl. After soon finding it and returning to Wright Townhouse, Phoenix learns that Pearl went downstairs in the middle of the night and was fighting with Dennis over a case file that was on the counter.

Phoenix and Maya head downstairs which is empty now that the body has left and the investigation is over. They look for the case file but instead find some odd woman that they haven't seen before and she claims she's allowed to be at the crime scene. After she leaves, Maya finds the case file and the two decide to call it a day, ready for the trial tomorrow.

Jul. 22


Phoenix and Maya turn up at the courtroom and run into Eve. After chatting a bit, Eve has to head to the defendant's chair, soon followed by Phoenix and Maya.

As the trial begins, Phoenix and Maya are shocked at the prosecutor, it was the odd woman they saw at the end of their investigation yesterday.

After Crystal Burwell, the prosecutor, gives her name and details on the case, Aaron O'Marley takes the witness stand and Phoenix learns that the murder weapon was mounted on the wall which he finds peculiar.

After Aaron O'Marley leaves the stand, the next witness takes the stand who is the next-door neighbour to Wright Townhouse. Maya quickly takes a liking to the witness, Ferris Wheeler, due to his mind-reading powers and that he's a fan of Maya's work.

His testimony has a big hole though. He states he saw a pistol yet Eve's fingerprints were on a handgun. Phoenix soon clear this up though, because the proposed murder weapon can't be the real murder weapon and that the proposed murder weapon is a display gun. 

After Ferris testifies about the crime scene, Phoenix concludes that the glass shards came from a glass that was sitting on the table before the murder happened and mysteriously disappeared afterwards.

This turns the whole case upside bown because for this to happen, the bullet must've been shot from Crim's Park next door to Wright Townhouse.

With this new revelation, the trial can't continue and it is withheld for another day.


Phoenix and Maya immediately head towards Crim's Park to search for clues. They arrive before the police which gives them a head start and not having the police watch over them. Unfortunately a man kicks them out of the park as he's evacuating it.

The police show up soon after and head into the park with Phoenix and Maya following. After searching they find the presumed murder weapon, but quickly lose it as the police need it.

After heading out of the park once again they find a surveillance van appear out the front of Wright Townhouse and after inspecting find it's owned by the true murderer of the case, and that they work at the Hazan International Inc.

After visiting Eve Wright, she tells the two to visit Ferris Wheeler who knows about the workings of the company. After talking with Ferris, he suggests finding the CEO who is pretty corrupt.

Fortunately for Phoenix, after leaving Ferris Townhouse, Horus Hazan is infront of them in a disguise of the man who evacuated the park, and prepare to prove it in court tomorrow.

Jul. 23


Case Details

Mugshot Name Description
Maya Fey My old assisstant and master of the Kurain Channeling Technique.
Pearl Fey Maya's cousin. Stems from the birth family of Kurain Channeling.
Adrian Andrews
Eve Wright My loving mother who has been accused of killing my father.
Turner Grey
Dennis Wright My loving father who is the victim of this case.
Will Powers
Aaron O'Marley A homicide detective at the precint in charge of the investigation. Has a wild imagination.
Yanni yogi
Horus Hazan A homeless man who lives inside Crims Park. Claims to know everything that happens to everyone.
Franziska Von Karma
Crystal Burwell A prosecutor who is living in the past. Believes she only sees the right things in the world.
Redd white
Ferris Wheeler The next-door neighbour to Wright Townhouse. Saw the events unfold from his window.


  • Ferris Wheeler
  • Maya Fey
  • Horus Hazan


Mugshot Name Type Obtained Description
Attorney's Badge Other One of Wright's possessions My all-important badge. It shows that I am a defense attorney.
Generic Photo
Crime Photo Photos Recieved from Aaron O'Marley A picture of the crime scene before the murder occured.
Eve's Shoe Evidence Recieved from Aaron O'Marley Eve's shoe found at the crime scene. Seems awfully small for her.
Glass shards
Glass Shards Evidence Retrieved from Wright Townhouse Glass shards found at the crime scene. Unknown of where it came from.
Bullet Evidence Retrieved at Wright Townhouse A handgun bullet found at the crime scene. Killed the victim.
Case File
H-0.1 File Report Retrieved at Wright Townhouse Details of an eleven year old case. Found inside Wright Townhouse.
Maya's Magatama Other Given from Maya Fey A special present from Maya. It can detect secrets in someone's heart.
Autopsy report
Derrick's Autopsy Report Report One of Wright's possesions 1:22 a.m. July. 21 Death from loss of blood out of a pistol wound.
Grey Gun
Handgun Weapons Submitted as evidence during the trial The murder weapon found at the crime scene. Bears Eve's fingerprints.
Silenced Pistol Weapons Retrieved from Crim's Park A pistol with a silencer on the end that was dumped in Crim's Park.
Studio Van
Surveillance Van Other Found on Wayward Avenue A surveillance van that was wired to Wright Townhouse.
Ws0kt1 th
Brown Beanie Other Found on Wayward Avenue A brown beanie dropped inside the surveillance van.
Autopsy report
Van Records Report Found in the surveillance van The files on record in the surveillance van.


  • Ace Attorney Agency
  • Detention Center
  • Wayward Avenue
    • Wright Townhouse
      • Upstairs
    • Crim's Park
    • Fine Townhouse
  • Defendant Lobby. 3

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