Tumble MK3DS
Tumble rolls in!
Series SSB Mario Series
Lifespan (2000)Mario Party 3 - (2005)Mario Party Advance
Availability Secret
Victory Theme TBA
Home Stage Bonus Broad
Final Smash Stardust Battle

Tumble is an oddball fighter that appears in Super Smash Bros. Proton and was made to represent the Mario Party series, which hadnt been represented in smash outside of trophies and such.



Normal Moves

  • Neutral Combo- Slaps twice and then kicks
  • Side Tilt- Does a kick.
  • Up Tilt- Does an upward, backward kick.
  • Down Tilt- Spins both feet around in a full circle.
  • Dash- Retracts into dice block and tumbles forward.
  • Ledge- The same as his dash attack but onto the ledge.


  • Side Smash- Does a headbutt with his dice head.
  • Up Smash- Positions his dice up in the air above him and jumps to hit it with his head.
  • Down Smash- Does a breakdance move


  • Neutral Ariel- Exttends hands outward and spins.
  • Forward Ariel- A forward headbutt.
  • Back Ariel- Kicks backward with both feet.
  • Up Airel
  • Down Airel- Retracts into dice block and tumbles downwards.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab- Simply grabs victum.
  • Pummel- Kicks victum
  • Forward Throw- Takes him and victum into his dice block and rolls forward, launching them out near the end.
  • Back Throw- Takes him and victum into his dice block and rolls backward, launching them out near the end.
  • Up Throw- Encases opponent in dice block in the air and hits them with his head.
  • Down Throw- Retracts into dice block and rolls around on the victum.

Special Moves

Normal Moveset Alternate Moveset Secondary Alternate Moveset
Dice Block
Throws the dice cap off of his head which bounces and rolls around until it stops on a number. Afterwards it will promptly explode with the explosion size depending on the number, but if hit before detonation it will reroll to something possibly smaller or greater.
Twice Dice
The same attack essensily but with two dice. However these dice only have the posibility of rolling on numbers 1-3.
Slow Roll
Unlike the other dice attacks, Tumble holds the dice before throwing. As held it will slowly roll from one to ten but leaves tumble open.
Throws a green orb forwards which flies through the air and lands on the ground, which creates a space with Tumble's face on it. If stepped on it will stun players in place for a short while, and will remain there. If charged before the Orb is thrown a crosshair on the ground will move forward, indicating the location where it will be thrown. The space will disappear over time or if another orb is thrown.
Throws a red orb forward which when activated creates a flashy space which does big damage and knockback on any foes but disappers afterward.
Koopa Orb
A Koopa Kid appears and throws an orb anywhere. This orb does lots of knockback, damage and the space lasts. However, any K.O's wont count for Tumble.
Island Tour
Opens up an envelope which somehow encases him inside a bubble. While in a bubble Tumble can move around as he drifts upward and popping via contact with anything will deal a fair amount of damage.
Tumble's dice becomes a bell with the number 5 on it, in reference of the character of the move's name. If hit while using this than the number will go down by one, but if Tumble isnt hit then he'll be left open. Once four attacks are blocked, if the 5th and final succeeds then Tumble will constantly drum the bell while blowing a whistle, creating a very powerful soundwave.

Final Smash

Millennium Star- Pulls the namesake star out of his dice cap which begins to create a rain of stars on the battlefield, which do fair damage per star. Tumble can move around during the attack and while the move is going on, the ground will either become slippery or sticky changing the traction of everyone excluding tumble. This move is a reference to Stardust Battle, which was a minigame where the player had to fight the Millennium Star.



Palette Swaps

Palutena's Guidence

  • Pit- Oh look a dice, it's time to party!
  • Palutena- I whouldn't say that, this time around Tumble is here to crash the party.
  • Pit- Wait, isn't it Pitoo's job to do that.
  • Viridi- He's nowhere to be seen, I guess his job is to be the offical party pooper.
  • Palutena- We can party after the battle, if we win mind you. Anyways Tumble's limbs are nonexistant, you'd think that whould give him a horrible reach but you should really keep your distance. And if he rolls the dice on a high number, quickly attack to reroll for a chance of a lower number before you get caught in a big explosion. But dont get too greedy Pit, you could also roll it to a higher number.
  • Pit- Don't worry Lady Palutena, gambling isn't my thing.
  • Viridi- What about the time I saw you dump all those hearts in a pot.
  • Pit- Umm...that was for charity!
  • Viridi- Sure...

Competitive Play


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