Tumble is a Pokey from Oasi Desert. He is green, unlike other Pokeys, and has oddly yellow spikes on his side, while his top spikes are more like other Pokeys. In Paper Mario: The Color Stones, he joins Mario in Chapter 4, while the hero visits Oasi Desert.


Field Ability

In the Field, Tumble can send out one of his segments, which return to him after flying a little while. They work like Kooper and Koops' shells.

Battle Attacks

  • Tumble - Tumble is Tumble's normal attack.
    • FP Required: None.
    • Effect: Tumble falls over on an enemy.
    • Damage Dealt: 3
    • Action Command: None.
  • Toss - Toss is Tumble's secondary attack.
    • FP Required: 2
    • Effect: Tumble tosses one of his segments at an enemy.
    • Damage Dealt: 5
    • Action Command: None.
  • Triple Toss - Triple Toss requires Tumble being levelled up once.
    • FP Required: 5
    • Effect: Tumble tosses his two segments and his head at an enemy.
    • Damage Dealt: 5 per segment.
    • Action Command: Hit A everytime the light lights up.
  • Double Tumble - Double Tumble requires Tumble being levelled up twice.
    • FP Required: 7
    • Effect: Tumble falls over on an enemy twice.
    • Damage Dealt: 3 per tumble.
    • Action Command: Hit A everytime Tumble hits an enemy.

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