Tulip Nook is a pink Tanooki that first appeared in YoshiEgg: Tilt N' TumbleYoshiEgg Nook is her boyfriend. In Japan, she is often referred to as BirdoEgg.
Tulip Nook


Tulip was created as a sort of distraction to YoshiEgg Nook to get him and McBoo back to The Groo and Haunty Mole. Tulip was a mere holographic projection. Her and YoshiEgg fell madly in love at a masquerade ball and even though Tulip was a holograph, she felt emotions for YoshiEgg. However, when The Groo and Haunty Mole found YoshiEgg and McBoo and told them what was going on, YoshiEgg was angry with Tulip. Their relationship was shattered for the few hours when YE and McBoo were kidnapped and Tulip was back with the two villains until Tulip decided to do something. So, she fought the two villains and set free YoshiEgg and McBoo. When The Groo and Haunty Mole came back as the hideous conglomeration of themselves, Tulip helped defeat them and their mecha. After their adventure ended, the three heroes rebuilt the mecha into a mysterious device that took Tulip's data and re-engineered it into a real Tanooki so that her and YoshiEgg could be together forever.


Tulip is a pink Tanooki with a bow on her head similar to Birdo's. She has a red apron with a flower on it similar to the Pikmin emblem in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


YoshiEgg Nook

YE's love for Tulip made her into a real person. In Bloop's vision, YE cried over her dead body.


Bloop saved Tulip's life from Bus 108.


Death wants to kill Tulip. So far Death has tried to kill Tulip once, but Bloop intervened, and saved her life.