Tucker Saves the World II: Rage and Love is a game by Bomb Productions Games and Lurky (tbc), so please do not edit except to repair spelling errors. It is the sequel to the 2013 hit Tucker Saves the World, and a 2.5D platformer similar to games in the Mega Man franchise, now with added RPG and even dating sim elements. It is for the PC, released on the Steam platform.


Rage and Love is similar to its predecessor in terms of its Mega Man-style mechanics. The player controls Tucker, who can jump, shoot, and slide. The funcitonality of ducking has been added this time around, as well as two kinds of charge shots for Tucker's normal weapon, one that shoots a larger blast and one that shoots a long, thin ray that does lesser damage but can shoot through multiple enemies. The game also has 3D-modelled graphics, making it in a 2.5D perspective. Because there is a focus on depth perception, Tucker can jump between the foreground and the background in certain levels. An inventory is also present in the game, which contains weapons that Tucker recieves from bosses plus additional items that he can purchase from shops between levels. There are also some dating sim elements present within the game, wherein Tucker can choose between certain dialogue options in cutscenes while talking to characters and build relationships with them depending on which options are chosen. Certain story elements change depending on who he builds stronger relationships with.


One time in the year 20XX, Tucker saved the world from a vengeful ogre and his legion of killer robots. But very quickly, people stopped caring and forgot all about it, and so Tucker went back to living his normal life in his apartment in the futuristic city of neon angels, Neo Los Angeles. But Tucker was nothing without a life of adventure, and so he spiralled into a state of lethargy and depression. To try and remedy this, he eventually decided to join a star fleet to get some space action in his life; in order to pilot one of these ships, he had to have his legs amputated and replaced with robotic ones, which he accepted gladly because he felt like he had nothing left to lose, and because fuck yeah cyborg parts. But he happened to be really terrible at piloting the ship, and so on the day of a top secret space mission to a rogue craft that had breached the atmosphere, his squadron fired him. Tucker was then taken home, but as he reached his apartment, he saw fireballs rain from the skies; his fallen squadron, shot down by the spacecraft. Suddenly, the city lights began to change, and night fell across the world. On a telescreen in the distance beamed the image of none other than the ogre, his body almost completely rebuilt with cyborg parts. The ogre announced that he was back and facilitating another takeover, this time under command of his "overseer", and together they had built countless new fighting robots to aid them in their conquest. Tucker knew what he had to do... but then the world went dark and silent.

Tucker then woke up inside of a large fortress filled with weapons and ammunition, surrounded by figures. As they stepped into the light, they were revealed to be some other residents of Tucker's apartment building; robot roommates Olly and Oxenfree, who had been stockpiling resources in a bunker underneath the apartment ever since the first ogre seige. Olly and Oxenfree told Tucker that there were others who had been doing the same as them, and that they'd meet them along the way. They were on the other side of the city, however, and the robots were causing major carnage. So, with as much vigor as he could muster, Tucker started out.

Levels and Bosses:

1-1: I Guess That's How Its Gotta Be!

Level theme: Bittersweet by Panic! At the Disco

The game starts out with a musical level. It is "musical" in that the entire level is set to the pacing of the song; Tucker's movements are in the form of a lively jig, and enemies attack in time with certain musical beats, as well as the crumbling city in the background. Tucker makes it halfway to the other side of the city here.





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