Tucker Palli
Tucker Palli, hero of Ancennia
as seen in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory
Full Name Tucker "Tokage" Palli
Gender Male
Location Ancennia
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Jazz Palli (sister)
C. Palli (sister)
Pete Palli (father)
Jen Palli (mother)
Julia Mancendail (girlfriend)
First Appearance Tokage Adventures! (2012)

Tucker Palli, often referred to as Tokage, is a cute Drailegon hero and a master of the Grass and Earth elements. His "trademarks" could be his cuteness. Tucker lives in the country of Ancennia, in an unnamed town, where he is a carpenter. He is always helping out others, mostly his best friends Dave Soudablou, Martin Melowhat, his girlfriend Julia Macendail and his sisters Jazz Palli and C. Palli. Tucker is known to be able to, as said above, control the Grass and Earth elements, and is also able to combine his powers to make a Super Leaf Kick.

Physical Appearance

Tucker is a green Drailegon and the cutest one there is. He, like all Drailegons, has a long tail and has brown, wavy hair. He is short for many species, including his own. In his original appearance, he looked very similar, with differences being his skin colour (it was a colourless drawing, but visioned as light blue) and he had longer hair, covering his eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Tucker is known in his village as the best Martial Artist. He knows Ju-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do. Aside from his Martial Arts skills, he, like all Drailegon, gains different powers depending on if the touch "Qubes". If he touches a red Qube, he gains firey powers. Blue Qubes give him water powers, yellow gives him electric, green gives him earth powers, purple gives him poisonous powers, and orange just turns him into a ball.


Tokage Adventures!

Tucker stars in the now-deleted game Tokage Adventures!, where he must save his two sisters and his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil wizard Cosmic Waundd. This was his first, and main, appearance, until 2014, when he started appearing in more Orangutang Pizza games.

The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula

Tucker appears as a playable, downloadable character in The Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula. In the game, he has a speed of 5, and a power of 3, making him a somewhat strong character. His main weapon are the Qube Gloves, which he uses to manipulate the earth. He is one of the two Orangutang Pizza guest characters to appear in the game, the other being Blacklight, and the only playable character in the game not to be of the Kirby species.


Tucker appears as the main protagonist of BLOCKade, where he acts as the commander of the transformed Brickworks.

Fantendo Appearances

Fantendo Combat Arena

Tucker makes his first appearance since 2012 in Fantendo Combat Arena, where he is a playable character.




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