Tucker: Leaving Home is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is an RPG with platforming elements for the Nintendo DS and stars a character that is very tightly based on YoshiEgg (tbc), Tucker. It is currently being made with Game Maker with the help of Fulcrum. It is also currently undergoing a massive overhaul and redesign.


Roughly two years prior to the current Realverse date of 2011 A.D., the Krye Kingdom in the Alterverse was having a momentous occasion. On this day, the 28th of December, 2007, was the Coming of Age Ceremony. This event marked the dawn of a new era in the Alterverse, a timespan of 1,000,000 years since its creation. On this day, King Lath and the lovely Princess Lunarthia were to hold a royal ball at the royal castle. All of the kingdom was to be in attendance, and it was to be a very joyous evening.

However, it was to be even more joyous for one man...

This man's name was Richard "Scratch" Mannheim. Five years ago, Scratch had attempted to get connections with the royal family so that he could marry the princess and become king after Lath died, then using his power to enslave the entire kingdom, kill all who went against him, and, eventually, conquer other worlds. However, both the royal family and the public thought that Scratch was a shady man, (which he was) and, in turn, his reputation was shattered due to the opinions of the royal family and he was considered an outcast. Filled with shame and remorse, Scratch had gone to live in the outskirts of Krye, the Badlands. Though his plan for domination was still intact, he barely had twenty people on his side and he only owned a small castle-like fortress in the otherwise deserted Badlands. For those wretched five years, Scratch had been scheming to rise up into power by taking a different approach.

He was going to try that approach today.

At the Coming of Age Royal Ball, Scratch had sneaked into the kingdom, past the royal guards, and into the castle, where the ball was taking place. As he creeped through the crowd, unnoticed, and as the king was about to make his royal speech, Scratch snuck onto the area that the king, the princess, and the throne were standing, took out a dagger, and stabbed the king in the heart, killing him instantly. Then, the crowd and guards so stunned and awe-filled to do anything, Scratch made his own speech. He stated that on this day of which was supposed to be a coming of age, there would indeed be a coming of age, but not as most had expected it. He said that it was the dawning of a new era, an era in his vision, and that all that wished to join him now would come with him immediately. Then, he stormed out of the castle, and after everyone in the castle were un-stunned enough to get back to their senses, the royal guards were hastily on his tail. However, the few followers that had followed Scratch, along with the ones he had already acquired, "took care" of most of the royal guards and began searching for new members of Scratch's makeshift army, even if they had to bring them by force. The princess and the remaining royal guards had come the day after the assassination and the funeral for the king, but Scratch's army had grown overnight, overpowering the princess and the guards and forcing them to flee. Over the next few months, Scratch's army of corrupt Krye citizens and reluctantly drafted soldiers had grown to the point where they made up the majority of the land, and the kingdom still didn't have anyone in place of power except for the princess, who was hardly ready yet to take on such a big responsibility and the impending invasion of Scratch's army. So, Scratch and his army had eventually invaded the kingdom and the royal castle and Scratch took the throne for himself. Now that he was the new king, all had to join his army. Luckily, the princess and the last remaining royal guards, along with a few other pure-hearted citizens of Krye, fled to areas outside the badlands in time, but leaving the kingdom in Scratch's clutches. Scratch had soon come up with a name for his army: The Army of Discord. He then gave every one of the members of his army a symbol to wear at all times on somewhere on their bodies, a cyclone, to symbolize chaos and power. And in the few years that passed, there was no stopping Scratch and the army...

Or so he thought...


  • TLH's plot was much different than it is now. It used to be a Mario spin-off starring Tucker as the Dimensional Link in the Mushroom World, but the creator thought that it should take a more original approach rather than being a much-overused Mario spin-off.

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