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Full Name Tucker
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Location Woodland Hills, California
Current Status Alive
Class Suburbanite Deadbeat
Main Weapon(s) Sub-par fighting skills
Ability/ies Would it be cheating if I put "none"?
Latest Appearance Untitled
Family and Relations
Carmel (Mother)
Christopher (Father)
Boo (Dog)

Tucker is a blond-haired Human boy whose most notable appearance is in Tucker: Leaving Home. He is largely based on YoshiEgg (tbc), even sharing the same name, appearance, and attributes.

Tucker: Leaving Home



Tucker is a blond-haired boy who is normally seen with a black shirt with the Dream Sign on it. He is often seen with a navy blue jacket with a hood on.


Tucker is a generally nice person to most everyone. He tries to be friendly to most people, and he feels bad about himself and the person(s) in question when he isn't. He is typically calm in nature, but this can vary in significant ways depending on his mood. When Tucker is angry, he can become enraged or even explosive at people, including ones that he cares about. When people he cares about are in any sort of distress, he immediately feels sympathy for them, even if he doesn't want to or doesn't have adequate grounds to (he calls this his "mentality"). Although he claims he doesn't care when someone says something hurtful to him, he secretly does at times and won't admit to it. Tucker is typically not very passive, and doesn't like to be told what to do. He is also rather sarcastic and punk-ish, but also rather flamboyant and charismatic around people he feels he can open up to. His inner nature reveals him to be an overall good guy with an abundance of moral obligations that he tends to follow pretty strictly. Tucker is also rather pensive at times, and he is very creative. He cares very deeply about people that he is romantically attached to, and follows a strict good-boyfriend code. He is very loyal to the one he loves and gives them the utmost respect. However, Tucker can be rather clingy at times, but only in fear of losing them. Love is a very important thing to Tucker, and when he doesn't have it, he longs for it secretly. Tucker also does not think very highly of himself at all, having the self-described "self-confidence of a midget donkey in rehab". This is often to the chagrin of the people who care about him, as they typically do not want to see him constantly cracking cruel jokes about himself because they feel bad for him. When someone insults him, he tends to agree with them rather than get angry at them. However, when someone insults someone he cares about, that's when he gets infuriated. He tends to care about the misfortune of others more than he cares about his own, although his own misfortune has shown to affect and even scar him in more ways than one. Although he hates to admit it (mostly for the sake of other peoples's emotions), he is rather emotional when its about something he genuinely cares about. When he's angry, Tucker sometimes has violent tendencies. His compassion towards others tends to annoy him at times, mostly because he doesn't appear to like to feel so much.

Battle of Bracelets

An alternate version of Tucker appears in the series Battle of Bracelets. Here is the info about him: Tucker/Battle of Bracelets



  • He and Tucker Palli are, as he self-proclaims, "bonded by the eternal threads of fate", as they share the same name. Tokage's feelings about this relationship are unknown.


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