Tucans 3D
The yellow chicken and friend of TaBooki.
Full Name Tucans
Current Age unknown
Gender Female
Location Forest Maze
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Her wings and eggs
Ability/ies Fly, Dash, Lay and Throw Eggs
First Appearance TaBooki: Growing Up
Tucans is a yellow chicken, and a main character in the TaBooki series. She made her debut appearance in the RPG title TaBooki: Growing Up, where she met the heroes in the Forest Maze. She helped them by allowing them to ride on her back, so they could reach new areas. Since then, she became a friend of the crew. It's also confirmed by Fantasy Factory that she will appear in more games than just this one.


Tucans is a yellow chicken. She's not very large but has large paws. Her wings are a bit darker yellow than her other feathers. Her legs and paws are orange, just like her beak. She also has a red saddle on her back.


Tucans is always energetic and happy. Sometimes she got too excited and keeps talking untill someone interrupts her. She's very friendly and always likes to help. However, she always thinks to know everything, and can be very stubborn.

Appearances in Games

TaBooki: Growing Up

Tucans first and only appearance so far is in TaBooki: Growing Up, where she helped the main heroes by letting them ride on her back. She's one of the main NPCs in the game.