Tubby Hippo
Tubby is a yellow, slow dim-witted, big, and gullible Hippopotamus who is a friend in Skip and Sqak. He helps Skip and Sqak find Gold Emeralds through the game. He was later a playable character in Skip and Sqak 2. In the episode "Binky Havoc" it was revealed Tubby is the second oldest in the gang, turning 14.

Skip and Sqak

Tubby first appeared in Sunny Villa with his friends, and has his own mini game he can do with Skip and Sqak through the whole game.

Tubby's Game is pretty simple to follow, Skip and Sqak have to protect him from enemies and dangerous obstacles such as bee hives, saw machines, and venus fly traps. Tubby's health is displayed on the bottom screen, if Tubby either runs out of health, gets eaten, or falls of a pit, the player will have to start over.

Tubby is later seen at the Final Level locked in a cage with his friends, upon being freed by the duo, Tubby walks off to look for honey. He is last seen cheering for Skip and Sqak who saved the world.

In the 100% ending, Tubby is at the banquet eating honey sandwiches.


Tubby is Big, Dim witted, and clumsy. He loves to eat honey and hates the taste of spice. His biggest fear is mice and all sorts of small animals, but not Imp, who is his best friend.


Tubby is a fat hippo with yellow skin, green eyes, big nostrils, and 2 buck teeth.